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Exploring insurance through experts

Basics of Insurance | October 31st, 2023
Explore why travel resilience is a focus area for many countries! Learn how insurance minimises risk and shields travellers from uncertainties.
Basics of Insurance | October 30th, 2023
A recent survey indicates that India is fast evolving as a leading buyer of cyber covers. Explore why the insurance industry must remain at the forefront of innovations.
Industry Talk | October 27th, 2023
Achim Steiner, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations & Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme rightly observes: “In 1992, the risks to people and the planet from accelerating environmental degradation and social inequalities were just being glimpsed.
Basics of Insurance | October 26th, 2023
‘Act of God’ refers to natural disasters that are not caused by any human intervention. In fact, it pertains to natural catastrophic occurrences that are beyond the slightest degree of human control.
Basics of Insurance | October 25th, 2023
Despite the spectacular growth of the insurance industry in the last two and a half decades of regulatory reforms, insurance penetration in India has hardly reached its optimum.
Basics of Insurance | October 24th, 2023
Worried about wedding costs in India? What if the wedding is postponed or cancelled? Secure your financial future with insurance!
Basics of Insurance | October 20th, 2023
Claudia Goldin is only the third woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize and she is the first woman to have been awarded this as a solo winner.
Basics of Insurance | October 19th, 2023
Discover how embedded insurance in India is driving industry collaborations through technology and understand what its advantages are.
Basics of Insurance | October 16th, 2023
Insurance has the potential to transform lives, which is why it is considered essential. The potential to ignite financial confidence is synonymous with transformative change that percolates down to local communities worldwide. However, not all industry players and decision makers appreciate the power of InsurTech and embedded solutions. Only data-driven, razor-sharp visionaries can recognise i...


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