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POSP/SP Certification

This module helps the new agents get onboarded after all the validations, assessments and processes.

  • Agents have to register and upload all required documents for further checks. Once this passes through the admin quality check, the agents will further undergo training and an exam to clear the certification. After the agents clear the exam and get a certification, they become eligible to sell policies.

Admin Module

It is a master platform to enable an admin to perform different tasks.

  • Providing access to users, creating and deleting the privileges for different users from different sections of the system. Admin can upload the commission details fragmented as per several products. All POSP/SP documents and onboarding are taken care of by the main user of the admin.

Propensity Module

Serves as a pre-lead filter for marketing campaigns.

  • It is the statistical model which identifies customer cohorts for intent or likelihood for a customer to buy any specific insurance product. This model can be used for marketing campaigns and lead generation. Data will be collected, cleansed, pre-processed and segmented on the basis of filters (demography, geography, spending power and previously acquired product).

Lead Management System

Systematic process of lead qualification, analysing the leads, and lead nurture.

  • Leads are entered from multiple sources into the system and the prospects get converted into the deals. It also helps in streamlining distribution and communication, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of sales.

Analytics Module

Standard dashboarding and MIS for the admins for clear understanding of the team/ branch/ cluster/ zone productivity and efficiency.

  • Portal will provide details like policyholder details, transaction details, premium details, car/bike details, etc. Policy documents will be in pdf format – Proposal form, Policy document, Renewal/fresh, Sales source, incomplete transaction details.

Purchase Module

It comprises the complete sales journey from login to final purchase of the policy for customers.

  • The user is able to generate policy quotes based on the inputs. The module offers several choices to the customer for choosing the best policy as per their requirements.

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