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Harness innovative digital solutions to revolutionise operations, propel profitable growth, and elevate the customer experience within the insurance value chain.
Operations Solutions by Zopper

How do we add value to your business?

Operations Module

To enable the ops user to view the policies and their related information which are sold via distributors.

  • Ops User can create new ops users, see sp/nsp lists with hierarchy, download policy report date wise, see claim history and policies claimed and endorsements made.

Recon Module

The reconciliation dashboard helps the users to upload the commission grids of different insurance products for the selling agents.

  • This grid is shared by businesses and sent to insurers for review. Once this is done, at the end of the month complete MIS is generated.


The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India is a regulatory body which oversees the insurance industry.

  • IRDAI's main objectives are licensing insurance industries and monitoring their growth. It sets the guidelines for product pricing, underwriting and claim settlement. Ensures transparency to focus on consumer protection.


Policy Administration System enables policy generation, document storage and retrieval, distribution, updates and modifications.

  • It is a centralised platform which reduces daily operational work and paperwork, thereby supporting data security and enabling compliance with regulatory requirements.

Ticketing Module

Tracking mechanism to improve the user experience and maintain SLA with our agents for a long-term association.

  • Users can categorise, assign, prioritise and track tickets, monitor the team’s performance and handle a large number of tickets efficiently with timely resolutions.

Analytics Module

Standard dashboarding and MIS to support the admins enable and a clear understanding of the team/ branch/ cluster/ zone productivity and efficiency.

The Portal will provide details such as follows:

  • Policyholder details, transaction details, premium details, car/bike details, etc.
  • Policy documents in pdf format – Proposal form, Policy document.
  • Renewal/fresh, Sales source, incomplete transaction details.

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