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Financial Ecosystem

Empowering the financial ecosystem with a seamless and personalised insurance journey.
Financial Ecosystem

Powering Growth, Redefining Distribution

Streamlining insurance distribution for financial institutions with our innovative InsurTech plug-and-play templates.
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    We provide scalable, secure, and modular bancassurance solutions to banks to meet their evolving customer needs in the digital insurance distribution segment.

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    We simplify and streamline the insurance distribution for MFIs by featuring real-time policy issuance, cross-selling, and seamless endorsement and claim modules in our API.

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    Our customised plug-and-play templates not only enable real-time policy issuance for credit-linked insurance but also simplify the customer onboarding processes.

Trusted by Leading Brands

Bank of Baroda HDB Centrum Central Bank of India Spice money Sarala Shivalik Cash e
Bank of Baroda HDB Centrum Central Bank of India Spice money Sarala Shivalik Cash e

Expert Insurance Insights

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends shaping the future of InsurTech solutions and the expanding insurance landscape in India. Dive into our thought-leadership articles and learn about these developments from the perspective of industry experts.

Basics of Insurance | July 17th, 2024
Insurance could be a whirlpool of confusion for someone new to the insurance space with terms like deductible, co-payment and Bancassurance leaving one utterly stumped. After navigating the aforementioned insurance terms, it’s time to tackle ‘Pre-Existing Diseases’. This term plays a significant role in the health insurance segment as it determines your coverage and risk factors. Before c...
Industry Talk | July 8th, 2024
The 5G network is going to be a whole lot faster.The era of hyperconnectivity is upon us and the 5G network rollout has ignited a digital revolution across industries, including insurance. The post-COVID world has grown accustomed to faster turnouts and convenience, which means under 10-minute deliveries, on-call consultations and unprecedented access to everything. For it, a consumer requires ...
Basics of Insurance | June 26th, 2024
With over 100 million Gen Z consumers in India, this demographic holds a significant sway over the country’s consumer landscape. As trailblazers of societal change, Gen Z’s dreams, ambitions, and values shape the very fabric of our society, challenging traditional norms and reshaping the future.


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