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Industry Talk | June 4th, 2024
As predicted by the Swiss Re Institute, by 2028 we should anticipate a significant growth in total insurance premiums, with an estimated increase of 7.1% in real terms.
Industry Talk | May 24th, 2024
Study released by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) said that by 2030, India would lose 5.8 percent of its working hours to heat stress
Industry Talk | April 23rd, 2024
The untapped potential of Tier 2 customers presents a golden opportunity for the insurance industry in India. With the right strategies in place, Tier 2 and Tier 3 customers can emerge as a key driver of future success for the Indian insurance industry.
Industry Talk | April 16th, 2024
Phygital isn't just a trend; it's the future of insurance. By embracing a customer-centric approach that leverages technology without neglecting the human element, insurers can unlock a world of possibilities, fostering trust, loyalty, and sustainable growth in a post-pandemic world.
Industry Talk | April 10th, 2024
Telematics stands as a potent instrument that brings advantages to individuals, insurers, and society at large by enhancing road safety and improving traffic flow.
Industry Talk | April 2nd, 2024
Gender reveal parties have taken a dangerous turn as expectant parents have adopted outlandish ways to unveil the gender of their yet-to-be-born baby resulting in accidents, fatality, property and environmental damage.
Industry Talk | March 27th, 2024
InsurTechs are set to play a pivotal role in Bangladesh's bancassurance landscape, offering a synergy that propels the insurance sector forward. In this dynamic arena, collaboration emerges as the linchpin for progress, with InsurTechs acting as indispensable tech allies to traditional insurance carriers and banks.
Industry Talk | March 15th, 2024
Bangladesh boasts a robust banking system but suffers from a meagre insurance penetration rate of around 0.4% (compared to India's 4%) [Swiss Re Institute, 2022]. This translates to a vast, untapped market for insurance products.
Industry Talk | February 29th, 2024
The impact of customer experience on financial and organisational outcomes is profound, particularly for insurance companies, where people and trust serve as the cornerstone of their identity.


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