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Industry Talk

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Industry Talk | February 29th, 2024
The impact of customer experience on financial and organisational outcomes is profound, particularly for insurance companies, where people and trust serve as the cornerstone of their identity.
Industry Talk | February 21st, 2024
Bite-sized insurance focuses on providing essential protection against risks at a fraction of the cost.
Industry Talk | February 14th, 2024
As per the details available with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), a total of 1028 Public Charging Stations (PCS) have been installed throughout the country in 2022. This fortifies the Indian Government’s resolve to reach net zero by 2070 and 30% EV penetration by 2030.
Industry Talk | February 12th, 2024
The climate risk landscape is changing and companies as well as their insurers are being held accountable for their investments and their liabilities. Since the initial global report, climate change cases have more than doubled, surging from 884 in 2017 to 2,180 in 2022.
Industry Talk | February 9th, 2024
As the competition grows in the life insurance sector, it raises critical inquiries about whether this surge is merely an expansion of choices or if it heralds a real transformation in the way life insurance is perceived and accessed.
Industry Talk | February 7th, 2024
Parametric Insurance, a cutting-edge solution that paves the way for a quicker and more streamlined approach to risk management.
Industry Talk | January 23rd, 2024
India’s insurance sector is poised to grow as the fastest among G20 nations, a global study says. Learn what factors are propelling growth in the insurance sector.
Industry Talk | December 29th, 2023
Can assistive technology devices such as wheelchairs be insured? Let’s understand what assistive technology is all about and why it is relevant to InsurTechs.
Industry Talk | December 28th, 2023
Integrating life and health insurance is the need of the hour. Find out how InsurTechs are enabling seamless and personalised solutions for businesses in India.


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