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Marketing Solutions by Zopper

How do we add value to your business?

Marketing Module

To make customers aware of the insurance policies from the insurers which are tied up with different distributors in order to sell those policies to them.

  • The aim of the marketing module is to publish product-related content, brochure, training material, contest information, product briefs, banners, launch notifications, teasers, blogs, etc.

Customer 360°

To enable a customer, who has purchased an insurance policy from our platform, to perform basic policy-related tasks.

  • The customer can view, renew, download and edit policies.

Cross Sell

It is a practice of offering additional insurance products or coverage options to existing policyholders.

  • Cross-selling is implemented seamlessly, with the support of customised recommendations and data from requirements-based analyses of various consumer cohorts.

Propensity Module

To serve as a pre-lead filter for marketing campaigns.

  • This statistical model identifies customer cohorts for a specific intent or likelihood of a customer deciding to buy any specific insurance product. This model can be used for marketing campaigns and lead generation. Data will be collected, cleansed, pre-processed and segmented on the basis of filters (demography, geography, spending power and previously acquired product).

Communication System

This process is mostly enabled on all dashboards to enable users to communicate effectively with different stakeholders.

  • The communication can be internal, with clients and insurance companies, etc via various channels like email, messages, apps and WhatsApp notifications. This improves the overall turnaround time and efficiency of work within the system.

Analytics Module

Standard dashboarding and MIS for the admins for clear understanding of the team/ branch/ cluster/ zone productivity and efficiency.

  • Portal will provide details like
  • Policy holder details, transaction details, premium details, car/bike details, etc
  • Policy documents in pdf format – Proposal form, Policy document
  • Renewal/fresh, Sales source, incomplete transaction details

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