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The Push of National Health Stack in India

Zopper Team Basics of Insurance May 13th, 2024
Healthcare and Zopper

In a doctor's waiting room, it's a familiar sight to see Indian families clutching polythene bags filled with their medical records. Even now the medical records of generations are securely encased in printed plastic bags evidence of some bygone era’s shopping expedition. When asked for an old lab report, families would flip open the files promptly and leaf through expertly for that one piece of paper. But all that is set to change - a powerful digital revolution is approaching the healthcare industry, which would transform the medical sector through data and technology. Just as UPI revolutionised the finance sector, the Indian government is paving the way for a digital health infrastructure with the National Health Stack (NHS). Its goal is to streamline the collection of comprehensive healthcare data.

Understanding the National Health Stack

The National Health Stack is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at creating a unified digital infrastructure for healthcare in India. At its core, the NHS seeks to integrate various health data systems, including electronic health records (EHRs), telemedicine platforms, health information exchanges, and electronic prescribing systems, into a single, interoperable platform. This unified digital ecosystem will enable seamless data sharing and interoperability among healthcare providers, government agencies, insurers, and patients, thereby facilitating more efficient and effective healthcare delivery.

The NHS consists of five key components:

  1. An electronic national health registry serves as the central repository for all health-related data.

  2. A digital platform for processing claims and coverage.

  3. Federated health records that are accessible to individuals and relevant medical entities.

  4. An advanced analytics platform for informed policy decisions.

  5. Additional features like unique digital health IDs, drug supply chain management, health directories, and payment gateways shared across various healthcare initiatives.

Potential Impact on Healthcare Delivery

The implementation of the National Health Stack is expected to have a transformative impact on healthcare delivery in India. By digitising health records and streamlining administrative processes, the NHS will enable healthcare providers to deliver more personalised and coordinated care to patients. Moreover, the adoption of telemedicine platforms and remote monitoring technologies under the NHS will expand access to healthcare services, particularly in rural and remote areas, where access to traditional healthcare facilities is limited.

A key aspect of the National Health Stack is its emphasis on data-driven decision-making and evidence-based policymaking. By centralising health data and analytics capabilities, the NHS will provide policymakers, researchers, and public health officials with valuable insights into population health trends, disease outbreaks, and healthcare utilisation patterns. This data-driven approach will enable more targeted interventions and resource allocation strategies, leading to improved health outcomes and better population health management.

Strengthening Healthcare Infrastructure

The National Health Stack also aims to strengthen India's healthcare infrastructure by promoting innovation, collaboration, and investment in digital health technologies. By creating an open and interoperable platform, the NHS will encourage the development of innovative healthcare solutions and foster collaboration among stakeholders in the public and private sectors. Moreover, the NHS will attract investment in digital health infrastructure and support the growth of India's burgeoning health tech industry, driving economic growth and job creation in the healthcare sector.

Concerns Barring the Push

  • Privacy and confidentiality concerns

  • Lack of motivation

  • Low enrolment of entitled beneficiaries

  • Lesser participation by service providers

  • Limited health literacy

  • Administrative burdens

Wrapping Up

The National Health Stack (NHS) is a groundbreaking initiative poised to revolutionise India's healthcare sector. By establishing a unified digital infrastructure and fostering data-driven decision-making, it will expand access to healthcare services and strengthen the healthcare system. The NHS is expected to significantly improve health outcomes and enhance the well-being of millions of Indians. As India progresses towards achieving universal healthcare coverage, the National Health Stack will be instrumental in driving innovation and progress in the healthcare sector for years to come.

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