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Building Technology-driven Distribution-driven Consumer first Insurance Solutions

Leveraging technology to enable speed, flexibility and growth across financial, digital and lifestyle ecosystems.

Financial Ecosystem

Offering comprehensive tech-based insurance solutions that enable an end-to-end customer journey using plug-and-play templates to create a seamless digital insurance experience.

Digital Ecosystem

Seamlessly integrate insurance offerings into your online sales journey, empowering customers to effortlessly select and purchase the insurance right at the Point of Sale (POS).

Lifestyle Ecosystem

Enabling partners to capitalise on the rising demand for integrated protection. Ensuring end-to-end protection throughout the entire selling journey, delivering peace of mind to customers and unlocking new avenues of growth for our partners (OEM/Retailers).

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Industry Talk | June 30th, 2023
As technology continues to revolutionise industries, the insurance sector is no exception. The digital age has brought about a shift in customer expectations and behaviour, forcing insurance companies to re-evaluate their business models and adapt to changing market dynamics. The need for digital transformation has become more urgent than ever, with companies looking to modernise their operatio...
Basics of Insurance | June 29th, 2023
Market trends are affecting the biggest insurers. The next large market is becoming crystal clear and evident that youngsters and the millennials that will precede them represent the next significant market for new Insurtech. The question, "Why should I purchase insurance again?" is being rethought by young people in a subtle way thanks to a new wave of AI-driven technology decisions...
Basics of Insurance | June 29th, 2023
In today's world, education has become more important than ever, and pursuing higher studies often requires financial assistance. Fortunately, several Edtech companies have emerged in recent years, offering education loans to students. These companies understand the financial challenges faced by students and provide them with convenient loan options to support their educational aspirations...


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