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Pioneering a long-term, sustainable InsurTech ecosystem that served as a transformative force for social good, the Zopper NXT10 InsurTech Summit 2023, intricately braided together various layers of insurance with key stakeholders. The summit explored impactful outcomes to discover a growth-centric roadmap for the future of insurance in India to enable 'Insurance for all by 2047'. With technology at its core, this summit aimed to pave the way for transformative changes that redefined the sector.

Zopper NXT10 InsurTech Summit 2023
14th September 2023, Thursday
The Leela, Mumbai

The Zopper NXT10 InsurTech Summit 2023 endeavoured to examine consequential outcomes to discern a growth-centric roadmap for the future of the insurance industry in India. With technology as its focal point, this summit diligently laid the groundwork for transformative changes to redefine the sector.


Meet The Speakers

The Zopper NXT10 InsurTech Summit 2023 showcased an exceptional lineup of distinguished speakers renowned for their expertise in the insurance domain. Each session was enriched with their valuable insights, spotlighting the diverse facets of insurance and its evolution in the Indian market.

eminent Speakers

Ajay Prakash Sawhney
IAS (Retd.), Former Secretary,
Ministry of Electronics and IT,
Government of India
Keynote Speaker
Golak Bihari Panda
General Manager
Govt & PSU Business Relationship
M.R. Kumar
Former Chairman,
LIC of India

panel Speakers

Abhijit Paul
Senior Vice President,
Reliance Retail
Aditya Agarwal
Chief Financial Officer and Head of CorpDev, ClearTrip
Amol Dethe
(By The Economic Times)
Anand Pejawar
Deputy Managing Director,
SBI General Insurance Co. Ltd.
Anand Rao
Chaitanya India Microfinance Pvt. Ltd.
Anjan Sengupta
Digital Transformation Lead (Customer Service - India)
BSH Home Appliances India
Anup Seth
Chief Distribution Officer and Chief of Diversity and Inclusion,
Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance
Arun Kumar B
Head – Strategy, Innovation and Analytics,
CreditAccess Grameen Ltd.
Bhushan Harendra Sheth
Chief Risk Officer,
Fareed Syed
Vice President,
Airtel Payments Bank
Hitesh Kotak
CEO And Chief Executive - India, Middle East and Africa,
Munich Re
Jagadish Ramadugu
Managing Director & CEO,
Pragati Finserv Pvt. Ltd.
Karan Vashisht
Chief Product Officer,
Kunal Varma
Co-Founder and CEO,
Maneesh Ajmani
Head Preferred Banking, NRI, Investment Services & Bancassurance,
RBL Bank
Manish Goel
General Manager
After Market Revenue & E-Commerce Projects
Manish Jaiswal
Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer,
Poonawalla Housing Finance Ltd.
Mayank Gupta
Co-Founder And COO,
Nalini Venkat
President - Strategic Partnerships & Head of Institutional Business,
Digit Insurance
Neelesh Garg
MD and CEO,
Tata AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd.
Parvez Mulla
Blume Ventures
Pranshu Diwan
Head of Insurance,
Ramganesh Iyer
Bain & Co.
Sanjiv Roy
Country Head - Third Party Products,
YES Bank
Satish Nair
Assistant Vice President,
Satishwar Balakrishnan
Aegon Life Insurance
Saurabh Jain
MD and Head of Wealth Management,
Standard Chartered Bank India
Sheetal Chawla
General Manager - E-commerce & Digital Transformation,
Tata Motors
Souvik Sengupta
Ex Protium/Ex SCB
Sudip Bandyopadhyay
Group Chairman,
Inditrade Capital Limited
Surjendu Kuila
Co-Founder And CEO,
Venkataraman R K
Executive Vice President and Head,
Bancassurance and Investment,
Equitas Micro Finance India Pvt. Ltd.
Virendra Somwanshi
Group President and Head - Wealth Management and Capital Markets,
Bank of Baroda Group
Vivek Shah
Managing Director,
Co-Head of Investment Banking,
Haitong Securities India

celebrity Speakers

Abhishek Acharya
Mind Reader, Magician, Mentalist
Prashasti Singh
Stand-up Comedian
Rahul Bose
Director, Actor, Athlete

NXT10 Summit: Key Sessions

Boasting a complete speaker turnout, attendance of over 400 delegates, and the presentation of 8 highly engaging sessions, the Zopper NXT10 InsurTech Summit 2023 presented a multitude of informative and insightful discussions. These sessions navigated the insurance landscape with valuable inputs from various stakeholders. The participants, eager to collaborate with industry leaders, engaged in brainstorming sessions to reflect on and discover future possibilities in the InsurTech space.

Leaders’ View: Insuring India Phygitally: From Vision to Action

The Phygital Model has surfaced as a strategic and efficient approach to augment insurance penetration in India. During the discussion, industry leaders deliberated on the challenges presented by conventional insurance models. They explored how the phygital model, harnessing both technology and physical infrastructure, can extend last-mile connectivity to every corner of India to make insurance accessible to everyone.

Fireside Chat: From Push to Pull | Adding Speed to Life

Two decades ago, private players were allowed to enter the insurance industry but even after that, no major change was noted in insurance penetration. In this Fireside Chat between Amol Dethe, Editor, ETBFSI, and Satishwar Balakrishnan, MD & CEO, Aegon Life Insurance, at the Zopper NXT10 InsurTech Summit 2023, the Aegon Life Chief responded to important questions such as “What is needed for life insurers to move from push to pull product?”

Unleashing The Power of Collaboration: Insurance, InsurTech and Banks

In today’s collaborative era, Bancassurance is popular in India due to its heightened insurance awareness and convenience. This approach involves financial institutions and insurers collaborating to expand insurance access, using banks’ established customer base for distribution. The panellists emphasised that the convergence of banking and insurance services creates a seamless, customer-centric model, fostering the growth and accessibility of insurance in the Indian market.

Inclusive Bharat: Lending Institutions Establishing Last Mile Insurance Connect

India’s financial landscape is enriched by an expansive network comprising approximately 8,000 Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). Technology integration within these institutions presents a transformative opportunity to extend the reach of insurance products to remote and underserved regions. By harnessing the power of technology, NBFCs can overcome geographical constraints and bridge the insurance gap in areas that traditionally face challenges in accessing financial services. Panellists expressed confidence that as NBFCs leverage technology to unlock their full potential, they would become instrumental in creating a more inclusive and accessible insurance landscape across the diverse terrain of India.

CHAT WITH CELEBRITY | Making The Impossible Possible - The Obstacles, The Solutions

Renowned actor and philanthropist, Rahul Bose, delivered an inspiring leadership talk, drawing from his entertainment industry experiences and advocacy for social causes. He emphasised the importance of empathy, resilience, and adaptability in leadership, encouraging the audience to embrace social responsibility. Bose’s conversation with Surjendu conveyed that effective leadership extends beyond professional success, urging individuals to use their influence for positive societal change. His ability to blend personal anecdotes, industry insights, and social impact made his discourse a compelling source of inspiration for the audience at Zopper NXT10 InsurTech Summit 2023.

Embedded Insurance: Reigning in the New Age Insurance Ecosystem

Embedded Insurance has transformed the insurance industry, offering a revolutionary potential to access previously untouched customer segments and enhance protection for policyholders through technology. The conversation delved into establishing a seamless, efficient, and transparent system supported by technology, making bite-sized insurance products easily accessible to today’s consumers.

Thrilling Trio: A Case Study

In an exhilarating three-way conversation during the Zopper NX10 InsurTech Summit 2023, Virendra Somwanshi, President and Head of Wealth Management and Capital Markets at Bank of Baroda Group, Venkataraman RK, EVP & Head of Bancassurance & Investment at Equitas Small Finance Bank, and Karan Vashisht, Chief Product Officer at Zopper, discussed their collaborative efforts in developing a new product innovation paradigm within the insurance space.

Building Trust Through Tech: Streamlining Warranties With Digital First Approach

Establishing trust in a ‘Digital First’ strategy is crucial for OEMs and Retailers. This session expanded on adopting technology-driven interventions to enhance the customer experience and ensure an additional layer of protection for asset usage. Integrating technological advancements, such as secure transaction mechanisms and real-time monitoring, streamlined processes and built a foundation of reliability and transparency. Leaders concluded that by prioritising innovative, technology-driven solutions, businesses can create a digital ecosystem that meets evolving consumer expectations and fosters lasting trust in the insurance sector.

Interaction with Zopper Co-Founders

Watch: Zopper Co-Founder & CEO Surjendu Kuila on ‘Insuring India Phygitally’

India’s insurance sector is undergoing a digital-first transformation and is poised to become the world’s sixth-largest market by 2032. In an interview with ETBFSI, Surjendu Kuila, CEO of Zopper, discusses InsurTech’s seamless fusion of insurance and technology, providing end-to-end solutions. Highlighting Zopper’s role in innovating the insurance sector, Kuila highlighted the coexistence of traditional insurers and InsurTech companies. He explored the rise of the Phygital and Bancassurance models, addressed challenges and emphasised the collaborative nature of InsurTech and insurance companies. Kuila also discussed the future trends, including Bancassurance’s evolution, InsurTech in ‘Digital India', NBFCs' significance, data privacy concerns, and embedded insurance.

Zopper Co-Founder & COO Mayank Gupta On ‘Digital-First’ Approach in Insurance

In an exclusive interview with ETBFSI, Mayank Gupta, Co-Founder and COO of Zopper, discussed the pivotal position of India’s InsurTech industry, ranking fifth globally and growing at 32%-34% annually. Gupta emphasized the transformative impact of a ‘Digital-First’ approach, integrating technology throughout the insurance lifecycle. He cited examples of innovations, including personalised telematic solutions and peer-to-peer insurance. Gupta highlighted the inseparable relationship between innovation, technology, and transparency in the complex insurance landscape. The discussion covered the evolving role of social media, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) initiatives, and insights into key trends shaping India’s insurance sector over the next decade. In this candid discussion, Mayank reflected on the significant changes in the insurance landscape over the past three decades, emphasising a more transformative, personalised, and socially relevant industry.

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NXT10 Gallery

Check out the immersive elements that were a visual treat at the Zopper NXT10 InsurTech Summit 2023.

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Get ahead with a concise overview of the InsurTech landscape. Dive into these articles that highlight data-driven insights and industry expertise, as showcased across all sessions held at the Zopper NXT10 InsurTech Summit 2023.
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The NXT10 Radio

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