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Industry Talk | December 5th, 2023
Be it cancelled flights, damaged homes and vehicles, or hospitalisation expenses, insurance safeguards financial resilience for Indian households.
Industry Talk | November 28th, 2023
A luxury home requires a robust shield in the form of insurance. Learn why coverage is essential and why you should prepare for incidents including ‘Act of God’.
Industry Talk | November 23rd, 2023
Inflation is impacting Indian households. Amidst spiraling food prices, learn how insurance protects households, enables benefits and delivers financial resilience.
Basics of Insurance | November 20th, 2023
Most health insurance plans cover ambulance costs but up to a specific limit only. Learn more about ambulance cover in health insurance and its benefits.
Industry Talk | November 16th, 2023
The rise of InsurTech in India is propelled by India’s digital transformative journey. Explore how UPI and embedded solutions catalyse a cashless economy.
Industry Talk | November 15th, 2023
Diwali sales brought great cheer to India’s retail market - here’s why this marks a great opportunity for insurers as well.
Basics of Insurance | October 20th, 2023
Claudia Goldin is only the third woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize and she is the first woman to have been awarded this as a solo winner.
Basics of Insurance | October 19th, 2023
Discover how embedded insurance in India is driving industry collaborations through technology and understand what its advantages are.
Industry Talk | August 12th, 2023
In today’s evolving landscape of financial security and risk management, young professionals could bring about revolutionary change in the insurance industry. India has a large population of millennials and centennials, and it is important that they view insurance not as an afterthought but as a part of their financial planning. Advancements in technology are opening new opportunities for ins...


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