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Industry Talk | July 8th, 2024
The 5G network is going to be a whole lot faster.The era of hyperconnectivity is upon us and the 5G network rollout has ignited a digital revolution across industries, including insurance. The post-COVID world has grown accustomed to faster turnouts and convenience, which means under 10-minute deliveries, on-call consultations and unprecedented access to everything. For it, a consumer requires ...
Basics of Insurance | June 6th, 2024
As of 2019, India's urban population stood at just over 470 million, approximately 34.47% of the total population. In contrast, more than 65% of the population resides in semi-urban and rural areas, where access to digital services is significantly lower compared to major cities. - Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana.
Industry Talk | June 4th, 2024
As predicted by the Swiss Re Institute, by 2028 we should anticipate a significant growth in total insurance premiums, with an estimated increase of 7.1% in real terms.
Basics of Insurance | May 27th, 2024
If the India Brand Equity Foundation is to be believed, there are attractive opportunities in the nation’s near future.
Basics of Insurance | May 21st, 2024
With the demise of the one-size-fits-all approach, the insurance industry has recognised the critical importance of personalised policies. Such tailored approaches help avoid incorrectly priced policies and missed financial opportunities.
Basics of Insurance | April 8th, 2024
As AI and ML continue to advance, the possibilities for InsurTech innovation are limitless. From predictive analytics to autonomous underwriting and claims processing, the marriage of actuarial sciences with AI & ML promises to revolutionise every aspect of the insurance value chain.
Industry Talk | March 15th, 2024
Bangladesh boasts a robust banking system but suffers from a meagre insurance penetration rate of around 0.4% (compared to India's 4%) [Swiss Re Institute, 2022]. This translates to a vast, untapped market for insurance products.
Industry Talk | February 29th, 2024
The impact of customer experience on financial and organisational outcomes is profound, particularly for insurance companies, where people and trust serve as the cornerstone of their identity.
Industry Talk | November 28th, 2023
A luxury home requires a robust shield in the form of insurance. Learn why coverage is essential and why you should prepare for incidents including ‘Act of God’.


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