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Industry Talk | November 28th, 2023
A luxury home requires a robust shield in the form of insurance. Learn why coverage is essential and why you should prepare for incidents including ‘Act of God’.
Industry Talk | November 16th, 2023
The rise of InsurTech in India is propelled by India’s digital transformative journey. Explore how UPI and embedded solutions catalyse a cashless economy.
Basics of Insurance | November 14th, 2023
The creation of a digital infrastructure framework has enabled an explosion of demand for digital financial services, particularly insurance.
Basics of Insurance | November 11th, 2023
Financial literacy goes together with InsurTech, enhancing the overall customer experience.
Basics of Insurance | October 19th, 2023
Discover how embedded insurance in India is driving industry collaborations through technology and understand what its advantages are.
Basics of Insurance | October 9th, 2023
Innovation is a tricky and complex terrain; social media is trickier. According to the Khoros’ 2022 Social Media Demographics Guide, 42 % of the world’s population is using social media. Wondering how social media affects insurance? For insurers, this offers an opportunity to understand the audience characteristics of specific networks that are relevant to them — this is why we need to fo...
Basics of Insurance | June 29th, 2023
Technology's development has given numerous industries access to new markets and revenue streams. Technology has evolved into the foundation of practically every industry. Everyone has benefited from technology, whether it is in business, advertising, or education. The insurance business has been transformed by Insurtech. The days of digging through mountains of paperwork to confirm custo...


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