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Health Insurance

Basics of Insurance | May 15th, 2024
Co-payment, often referred to as co-pay, is a fixed amount of money that you, the insured person, must pay out of your pocket when you receive a medical service.
Basics of Insurance | May 3rd, 2024
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the percentage of the global population aged 60 and above is expected to almost double, rising from 12% to 22% from 2015 to 2050.
Basics of Insurance | March 22nd, 2024
Some Health Insurance plans offer Super NCB benefits as well for enhanced/increased coverage.
Basics of Insurance | March 18th, 2024
AYUSH Treatment looks beyond allopathic healthcare and gives the policyholders an alternate course of treatment.
Basics of Insurance | March 4th, 2024
The word ‘restoration’ in itself seems incredible, and in Health Insurance, it is. The restoration of the sum insured by your health plan is called the Restoration Benefit.
Basics of Insurance | February 23rd, 2024
What was once considered the standard model of coverage has evolved into a dynamic ecosystem characterised by innovation, customisation, and adaptability. Healthcare innovation is developing at an unprecedented scale and with it so are the customers.
Industry Talk | February 21st, 2024
Bite-sized insurance focuses on providing essential protection against risks at a fraction of the cost.
Expert Op-Eds | January 30th, 2024
Affinity Insurance creates specialised coverage for groups with shared interests, characteristics, or affiliations, ensuring precision in coverage and addressing specific needs and risks.
Industry Talk | January 23rd, 2024
India’s insurance sector is poised to grow as the fastest among G20 nations, a global study says. Learn what factors are propelling growth in the insurance sector.


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