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Embedded Insurance

Industry Talk | November 15th, 2023
Diwali sales brought great cheer to India’s retail market - here’s why this marks a great opportunity for insurers as well.
Basics of Insurance | October 31st, 2023
Explore why travel resilience is a focus area for many countries! Learn how insurance minimises risk and shields travellers from uncertainties.
Basics of Insurance | October 19th, 2023
Discover how embedded insurance in India is driving industry collaborations through technology and understand what its advantages are.
Basics of Insurance | October 16th, 2023
Insurance has the potential to transform lives, which is why it is considered essential. The potential to ignite financial confidence is synonymous with transformative change that percolates down to local communities worldwide. However, not all industry players and decision makers appreciate the power of InsurTech and embedded solutions. Only data-driven, razor-sharp visionaries can recognise i...


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