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Flight Delays Are Common, Travel Insurance Is Your Best Friend!

Zopper Team Basics of Insurance November 7th, 2023
Be prepared for the unexpected when you travel with travel insurance.

Have you watched the iconic airport scene in ‘Home Alone’ when the parents are struck by the realisation they left their child at home? Then, they do everything they can to buy a flight ticket back home but wait, it’s Christmas and there's a last minute rush all around! We've all had similar moments of anxiety when finalising travel plans. Even while boarding through the airport gate, we tend to keep looking if everyone in our family is with us or if someone isn’t coming as planned. But sometimes no matter how we plan our travel plans to perfection, it is critical to keep in mind that the weather can play havoc with our flight schedules as well.

Travelling this holiday season? Gear up for flight delays!

In today’s times, flight delays are common and it’s a part of the fabric of travel, so to speak.

If your flight is canceled, the cardinal rule is simple: don't panic! In all probability, the airline will likely rebook you on the next available flight to the destination. However, in case there's a chance that might not happen, you still have another safety net - travel insurance!

When you are well-prepared to handle flight delays, it’s a good place to be in. So, here's how you can be one of the first to stay calm even when you get to know your flight has been delayed.

Why Do Flights Get Cancelled?

Wondering what causes flight delays? Flight delays may be a common occurrence but it is always due to specific reasons.

The most obvious reason for flight delays turns out to be weather related. Look at this logically. If your origin or destination has weather-centric turbulence, there is a significant chance your flight could be delayed, and this varies from one city to another. 

When heading to any destination, check the weather first. In the US, for instance, American airlines are mandated to document the exact cause of flight delays to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. In 2022, it was documented that weather triggered almost a quarter of each month's flight delays. 

In India, most flight delays happen during the winter season that starts from December onwards and becomes colder by January and tapers down by February every year.

Additionally, any of the following factors can also cause flight delays:

  • Government regulations/advisory

  • Shortage of crew/passengers

  • Natural disasters

  • Airport security issues

  • Mechanical glitch 

  • Bird strikes

Seasoned travellers are well aware that such flight delays are inevitable as the day progresses. They know delays can trigger a ripple effect in their schedule, which is why many of them prefer to be flying in the morning. And they always opt for travel insurance. If you want to get started, we are there to help you with embedded solutions. You can also explore our ‘Solutions’ tab on our website to learn more about the range of options available.

How to Anticipate Flight Delays 

There are apps that provide real-time information with a map view of flights based on specific filters where you can search by flight name, origin-destination route, etc. By tracking this information through apps, you will be able to monitor any flight delays in real time. With patterns pertaining to your origin, your destination, and the airport where your plane is, you will be able to figure out when a flight delay is likely to occur and stay alert to any issues that may affect your departure. 

While travel insurance is not mandatory, it helps in such situations where flight delays or cancellations tend to happen. Knowing that you have a travel insurance plan brings a certain level of calm. At the very least, you'll know there’s just no need to panic as you are covered. 

Why Travel Insurance Matters

There is little we can do in case there is a flight cancellation or delay. Embedded solutions are easy, convenient and highly personalised — you can also reach out to us for more information on our contextual insurance products. 

Sometimes, the best safety net is a financial one - and travel insurance fits the bill. Of course, every airline should notify passengers when there are delays or cancellations by email or SMS or app notification — if you shared your contact details at the time of booking your flight tickets. Before boarding your Always check your flight status on your airline's website in the 24 hours leading up to your flight. When you're at the airport, check the departure board first for the latest flight information. Reach out to us now and book your demo instantly!

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