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Industry Talk | August 12th, 2023
In today’s evolving landscape of financial security and risk management, young professionals could bring about revolutionary change in the insurance industry. India has a large population of millennials and centennials, and it is important that they view insurance not as an afterthought but as a part of their financial planning. Advancements in technology are opening new opportunities for ins...
Industry Talk | July 19th, 2023
As the IRDAI prepares to unleash these momentous guidelines, the stage is set for a transformative shift in the realm of health insurance for senior citizens. The newfound hope instilled by this standard health insurance product will usher in a future where the elderly can navigate their medical journeys with greater ease, security, and peace of mind.
Industry Talk | June 30th, 2023
As technology continues to revolutionise industries, the insurance sector is no exception. The digital age has brought about a shift in customer expectations and behaviour, forcing insurance companies to re-evaluate their business models and adapt to changing market dynamics. The need for digital transformation has become more urgent than ever, with companies looking to modernise their operatio...
Industry Talk | June 30th, 2023
In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the insurance industry is undergoing a transformative shift through the integration of technology, known as Insurtech. These solutions have not only revolutionised the way insurance products and services are delivered but also play a significant role in enhancing financial literacy among consumers. By leveraging technology, Insurtech platforms...
Industry Talk | June 30th, 2023
Over the years, insurance companies in India have been more focused on traditional ways of distribution and operations which are paper-based and require face-to-face contact with customers in order to conduct business. In 2020, when the world was hit by a pandemic and face-to-face interactions were not possible, digital transformations were put on the fast track. Both manufacturers & distr...


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