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Zebronics ZEB-S310 Club Wired Laptop Speakers

Satellite Speakers:
2 Satellite Speakers
Power Output (RMS):
30 W (Satellite)
Frequency response:
No Subwoofer
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Zebronics ZEB-S310 Club Wired Laptop Speakers
The Elegant Laptop Speakers


- Weighing only 300 grams, users can easily handle these speakers and shift them from one room to another.

- The Zebronics Speakers provide a total power output of 0.5 Watts (Satellite) through its 7 x 5 x 8 inch units.

- These speakers are compatible with a single input voltage of 220 Volts and are powered by a two pin power cord.

- With a frequency response range of 90 Hz to 20,000 Hz, users can enjoy their favourite music without any disturbance.

- These Laptop Speakers have a 2.25 inch driver unit, which has a rated impedance of 4 Ohms each, thereby creating noise free sound quality.

- The volume control knob on the speaker allows users to adjust the volume according to their requirements.

- The power light on these speakers indicate that the speakers are switched on.

- The casing of these speakers are strong, therefore making them all the more durable.

- With 90 dB signal to noise ratio, these speakers produce less signal noise for enhanced sound quality.

- Users can easily connect these speakers to the laptop with the help of its 3.5 mm headphone jack for enjoying better audio effects.

- The manufacturer offers a one year warranty period on these speakers, thereby ensuring great services.


- Since these speakers are wired, they have to be kept close to the laptop, which can be very cumbersome.


Listening to music or watching a movie on the laptop is incomplete without a suitable set of speakers. These useful black speakers have power and volume adjustment knobs on them for the convenience of their users. Its audio input jack can attached to the audio in-port of the laptop for connecting the speakers to the AC mains and enjoying high sound quality. Good value for money, indeed!


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Product Details

The Zebronics ZEB-S310 Club Wired Laptop Speakers is sleek and elegant. The 2.0 channel configurations of these laptop speakers enhance the listening experiences of all types of users. In most cases, one would like to connect these speakers to the laptop to enjoy high-quality music, or enhanced sound effects while watching a movie. With its 3.5mm headphone jack, these speakers can be easily connected to the laptop or desktop for better audio effects. The signal to noise ratio of these speakers is 90dB, which means that they produce less signal noise; therefore there is less disturbance in the quality of sound produced. 

Satellite Speakers
2 Satellite Speakers
Power Output (RMS)
30 W (Satellite)
Frequency response
No Subwoofer
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