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Voltas VN-D70M 70 Litres Desert Cooler

70 Litres
Motor Speed:
3 Speed Setting
Body Material:
ABS plastic
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Voltas VN-D70M 70 Litres Desert Cooler
A Workable Air Cooler for Summers!


-A powerful fan motor that can deliver 2500 cubic meters of cool air per hour ensures effective cooling of most mid sized rooms. 

-The cooling unit's oscillating swinging louvers ensures even spread of cool air to all parts of the room.  These adjustable louvers can also direct air flow in desired directions.

-Showcasing a throw of 49 feet, this Voltas cooler is suitable for well packed rooms and halls.  

-Here, effectively controlled humidity ensures corrosion free air that does not cause 'sweating' of fixtures.

-The honey comb pads of this cooler ensures effective and fast cooling of blown air.  This brings about higher energy savings than standard cooler fixtures.

-An automatic water lever indicator helps monitor the water level in the cooler, thereby allowing users to know when a refill is due.

-The water tank has an automatic filler function that keeps the tank  filled with water at all times, without the  intervention of an operator.

-Three step speed controls bring in high flexibility of operations to this desert air cooler, which is matched by few brands in this class of coolers.

-An active level control on the louvers ensures that the air flow is kept directed at the body level of users in the room wherein it is installed, thus ensuring a comfortable feeling at all times

-Standard one year manufacturer warranty applies to the unit and the accessories that accompany the appliance from its date of purchase.


-The absence of an insect mesh is sorely felt.  This makes it necessary for users to discharge the water left in the cooler body after use, completely, so as to ensure safe operations. 


With minimal fuss, the Voltas air cooler does provide effective cooling solutions to most households. Features like auto water fill, water level indicator and adjustable louvers bring about an enjoyable user experiences. Truly, this is a workhorse of an air cooler. 

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one of the best at this price point
i went to a shop where i was able to compare symphony winter and this in which i founded the voltas has more rpm and airflow fan compared to symphony by the way i compared the remote model which looks a lot sleeker than the manual ones and first thing it cools very nicely but dont expect like ac when the sun is on your roof it doesn't chill you but sure it does cool you so much that you wanna sleep sitting infront of it and the gribe which i had is you cannot switch on the pump only without starting the fan in remote model and the timer settings you get is only 1,2,4 and 8 directly which is not good in the manual version sometimes the water level blob doesn't always show you the correct level of water and even it is 70 liters it doesn't last more than 3 days in this case symphony does a better job of using water effectively my only gribe is the water level indicator but that is not a problem so my opinion yes i would recommend it
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Make your summers chilled
Make your summers chilled. Superb cooler and super cooling. Height of the cooler is perfect and looks are amazing. Gives you unbeatable performance consistently. Cooler seems quite durable as built is quite strong. Water tank holds good amount of water and I am really happy with its air throw. Provides you uniform cooling in every part of your room. Overall Reliable product for summers.
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best cooler in markit
Product Details

The Voltas VN-D70M 70 Liters Desert Cooler has a holding tank capacity of 70 liters that ensures fewer refills between usages.  On this unit, a built in humidity control mechanism ensures clean air that is not corrosive nor ‘wet’ enough to damage equipment and fixtures.  A powerful fan motor that is rated at 300 watts provides adequate throw and reach to the cool air stream from the Voltas air cooler.  Its effective dust filter removes dust from the air thrown by the cooler into the room, thereby ensuring clean operating areas at all times.  Weighing in at 17 kg and mounted on free moving castor wheels, this air cooler is maneuverable enough to move to all desired locations.  

Ice Chamber
70 Litres
Cooling Area
475 Sq. Feet
Motor Speed
3 Speed Setting
Body Material
ABS plastic
Desert Cooler
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