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Voltas VB P28M Personal Air Cooler White

28 Ltr
Body Material:
ABS Plastic
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Voltas VB P28M Personal Air Cooler White
A small device that changes the summer season into winters!


- This p ersonal cooler covers a 30 feet long room which makes it suitable for large as well as small areas.

- The Voltas air cooler needs no additional heavy trolley to make it mobile. It has inbuilt wheels that make it easy to shift.

- This plastic cooler has a dimension of  450 mm x 980 mm x 435 mm which is convenient to use and fit even in a small room.

- It works on inverter which keeps you cool even when lights go out.

- This water air cooler levels the humidity in the air and the speed of the fan can also be controlled with the help of buttons.

- It is also equipped with a water indicator led so that you know when to fill in more water and when the water is about to reach the brim. It helps you prevent spillage of water in your room.

- This air cooler consumes just 160 watts so that you don't regret paying your monthly electricity bills annually and enjoy the cool breeze without feeling the burden.

- It has a dust filter too which makes sure that the air is pure and healthy to breathe and also presents internal destruction of the device.

- The swing rotator feature provides air to reach every nook and corner of the room.


- This plastic cooler is available only in white colour. The light colour makes the dust very prominent.

- Refilling the tank can be annoying many times.


This Voltas Air cooler is very reliable and durable. It gives you all the necessary functions and cools down your room. The small disadvantages are worth ignoring for so many other features it has which makes it one of the best personal coolers available and a very friendly budget.
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Product Details

Voltas Air cooler is one of the best in the market because of its excellent performance and value for money. This personal cooler will never let you feel the heat in spite of the hot weather. It has a 28 litre water tank, which is more than enough and comes with a one year manufacturing warranty. The plastic body makes it quite light and easy to shift without straining the body. It keeps the room temperature maintained in the heat and gives you enough comfort in hot summer.

Water Level Indicator
28 Ltr
Body Material
ABS Plastic
Personal Air Cooler
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