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Voltas VB-P15M 15 L Personal Air Cooler

15 Litres
Motor Speed:
3 Speeds: High/Med/Low Setting
Body Material:
ABS Plastic
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Voltas VB-P15M 15 L Personal Air Cooler
An Economic and Advanced Voltas Cooler


-This energy-efficient cooler, with its small size and low weight, and wheels at the bottom, makes for easy movements around the room where it is installed.

-With 15 litres of water capacity, this Water Air Cooler can discharge cool air for long periods of time with optimum quantity of water.

-The cooler utilizes a honeycomb pad as a cooling medium to transfer the humidity in the atmosphere to the air passing through it.

-The cooler features an oscillating swing control that ensures cool air discharge across the room.

-It also facilitates an ice chamber that improves upon the cooling performance manifold.

-Powerful and energy-efficient; this cooler can throw cool air up to 23 feet.

-Its 3 speed controls - high, medium and low; are available for the blower to adjust the intensity of air throw speed as per user convenience.

-This personal air cooler provides the facility to control humidity and works at its best to reduce the humidity levels in the room where it is installed.

-Here, users will also find a dust filter that helps in circulating fresh air from the cooler at all times.

-Unlike other coolers, the personal air cooler works with inverters as well.


-This air cooler makes a strong sound while running.


Voltas air cooler is a good option for users finding it difficult to invest in a more expensive Personal Cooler, or having high humidity levels in their room. It is easily movable and has a large capacity water tank for longer runtime hours. The cooler is made of plastic and utilizes a honey comb pad as its cooling media. In a cost-effective pricing range, users can enjoy advanced features such as humidity control and dust filter.

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Product Details

The Voltas VB-P15M 15 L Personal Air Cooler is an advanced cooler that is suitable for all types of weather conditions. This energy-efficient Voltas air cooler has the capacity of 15 liters in the water tank and facilitates a water level indicator. White in color, the high-performing Voltas cooler flaunts ABS plastic as the main material for its body. The blower of the cooler boasts of a 3 speed control and gives off the right cooling temperature at all times. The weight of the cooler is 10.5 kg, which makes it comparatively light and portable; thereby making movements around a normal sized room very easy and convenient. The cooler features a 1 year warranty.

Ice Chamber
Water Level Indicator
15 Litres
Cooling Area
Air flow 1200m³/hr
Motor Speed
3 Speeds: High/Med/Low Setting
Body Material
ABS Plastic
Air Cooler
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