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Voltas VA-P18M 18 Litres Personal Cooler

18 Litres
Motor Speed:
3 Speed Setting
Body Material:
ABS Plastic
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Voltas VA-P18M 18 Litres Personal Cooler
Voltas VA-P18M 18 Litres Personal Cooler


-With the inner cavity capable of storing up to 18 litres of fresh water, the Voltas cooler functions for long periods of time on a single refill. 

-Capable of a 19.5 ft air throw, the cooling unit can effectively cool an average mid-sized room to perfection.  With an air handling capacity of 235 CFM, this unit can deliver a fair amount of cool air.

-An automatic refill and drain feature of  the cooler unit ensures supervision free working  of the appliance, thereby making sure that there is enough water at all times.

-Here, three separate speeds, high/medium/low, of the blower fan ensure optimum cooling of the room where the unit is installed, without wasting any energy of any form.

-Oscillating louvers on the front of the air cooler ensure a uniform and even spread of cool air in all four directions, making sure that no corner is left without cooling.

-Fitted out with castor wheels that permit the movement of the cooler in any direction, this unit can be moved to any position, each time it is put to use.

-Drawing in just 80 watts of power, the room air cooler is capable of working on the standard 230V, 50Hz domestic power supply; thus ensuring that the unit can be used practically anywhere. It is also possible to operate the cooler on a home inverter in case of a power outage.

-Made of high grade plastics, the entire unit is corrosion and rust free, thereby ensuring long years of service without any fault.


-Lack of humidity control causes 'sweating' of fixtures and furniture in the areas near the air cooler. This is due to the condensation of the excess moisture content on cooler surfaces.


Large enough to cool most mid-sized rooms, the Voltas air cooler is simplistic in design. Working with minimal amount of supervision and with few moving parts, this air cooler is as reliable as it gets.  Its totally corrosion free construction helps keep maintenance to the bare minimum.  

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Superb cooling
Its completely different design makes it distinct from others. Height and air throw is just perfect. Consumes very less energy and can run on inverter also. Cooler works very silently without disturbing you. It can cool any type of room whether it is small, medium or big sized. Very portable and can be moved easily as it has castor wheels. Quality of built material is great and this is very durable product. Convenient cooling!
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Product Details

The Voltas VA-P18M 18 Liters Personal Cooler can accommodate 18 liters of water in its inner cavity.  On this VA cooler, smart auto fill and auto drain features ensure supervision free working at all times.  With swinging louvers that direct the air flow in all four directions, the Voltas air cooler does spread cool air all around the unit.  Its honey combed cooling pad ensures that maximum cooling is done in the least time.  There are three speed settings to choose from, thereby enabling the most optimum cooling abilities without any fuss.  Drawing in just 80 watts of power for its working, the room cooler is as frugal as can be and ensures economical operations.  

Ice Chamber
18 Litres
Cooling Area
125 sq. ft.
Motor Speed
3 Speed Setting
Body Material
ABS Plastic
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