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Voltas Mini Magic Pure R Water Dispenser White

Hot Water Storage Capacity:
4 L / Hr
Cold Water Storage Capacity:
3 L / Hr
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Voltas Mini Magic Pure R Water Dispenser White
Drinking Water at the Touch of a Button
- The sleek design of this Voltas water dispenser does not take up much space. Crafted using food grade plastic, the water supplied is totally safe and free of toxins.
- With three integrated taps in place, hot, cold and normal water can be enjoyed as per the requirement of the user.
- With three separate dispensing buttons in place, ready to drink water is available at the touch of a button. 
- The hot water tank with a capacity of 5 litres and cold water tank with 2.5 litres, Voltas Mini Magic Pure R can hold a lot of water at one go. 
- Thanks to the CFC free refrigerant in the cold water tank, this dispenser is extremely environmental friendly. 
- The heating element in the hot water tank is designed using stainless steel which is resistant to rust, making it durable and long lasting. 
- The ultra low noise technology of this Voltas Hot and Cold water dispenser makes for silent functioning.

- In order to dispense the water, you need to keep the dispensing button pressed which can be a bit tiring for the hands. 

This Voltas Mini Magic Pure R with its sleek and modern design and impressive features is an ideal choice for offices and waiting area. Trendy design, large storage capacity, water availability in different temperatures, easy water dispensing buttons, durable and eco-friendly components and noise free operation make for a good deal. However, you need to keep the button pressed for dispensing water which can be a tad inconvenient. 
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Product Details
Enjoy fresh drinking water with Voltas Mini Magic Pure R. Designed using food grade plastic, the water dispensed is free of all toxins and safe to drink. With 3 different dispensing taps, you can treat yourself to hot, cold and normal water. Free from Non-CFC refrigerant, this Voltas water dispenser is extremely ecofriendly. The heater element has been designed from stainless steel which is highly durable. With a hot water tank of 5-liter capacity and cold water tank of 2.5 litres, it can hold a lot of water. The ultra low noise technology ensures silent operation.
Warranty Period
1 Year Warranty
Hot Water Storage Capacity
4 L / Hr
Additional Features
Compressor Cooling: Yes
Cold Water Storage Capacity
3 L / Hr
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