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Voltas Mini Magic Pure F Water Dispenser

Cold Water Storage Capacity:
2 L / Hr
Hot Water Storage Capacity:
4 L / Hr
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Voltas Mini Magic Pure F Water Dispenser
The Voltas Mini Magic Pure F Water Dispenser Heats and Dispenses Water Well


- The electric water cooler features clearly labelled buttons and controls that make it easier for the user to get water out as required.

- The tray is easy to clean out and wash as necessary.

- The buttons have some lights to help show when hot or cold water is ready for use.

- This mini water cooler can work without having to add any large water jugs onto the connection.

- There are very few vibrations involved with this machine.


- The user will have to ensure that the mini water cooler has a clean water connection and that the water is properly filtered as it comes through.

- This works best when the connection between the cooler and the water outlet is as short as possible. This is to keep particles out of the water for the best possible results.


You will enjoy using the Voltas Mini Magic Pure F water dispenser to get water for all kinds of uses. This Voltas water dispenser is easy to handle and will automatically heat and cool water to your liking. The water will come out in comfortable forms that are easy to handle while ensuring you have water for coffees or teas as well as regular cool drinking water. It can especially take in just about any type of glass that can use water.

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So happy with this dispenser!
This water dispenser will definitely fulfil your all water needs. Totally quality product!
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Product Details

The Voltas Mini Magic Pure F water dispenser is a model that can heat up to five litres of water in an hour at up to 95 degrees Celsius. It can also cool two litres of water in an hour at 10 degrees. It can be hooked up to a proper water outlet with a 230V connection and boasts a capacity to contain about three litres of water at a given time. It uses hot, normal and cold taps that will heat or cool off the water as it comes out of the machine. The Voltas water dispenser can stay active all day and will not lose power easily.

Cold Water Storage Capacity
2 L / Hr
Hot Water Storage Capacity
4 L / Hr
Additional Features
Compressor Cooling: Yes
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