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Videocon HD Set Top Box with Default Recording option

Videocon HD Set Top Box with Default Recording option
5.1 Dobly Digitial Surround Sound
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Videocon HD Set Top Box with Default Recording option
Impressive HD Set Top Box with Default Recording Option


- This Videocon D2H HD Set Top has the Ultimate Recording Option enables you to record any show if you are busy at that time.

- India's First Radio Frequency Remote is a special feature from Videocon d2h, where the RF remote can be used to change channels or adjust volume, without pointing it at the Set Top Box.

- Title/Time Based Recording enables you to manually set the recording for any particular TV programme by its title.

- With the Rewind/Forward feature in this HD Set Top Box you can either rewind or forward any recorded programme up to 64 times the normal speed, thus saving you valuable time.

- With Pause Live TV option you can attend to any emergency work at hand by pressing the pause button of any Live programme on your TV, and then watching it later at your convenience.

- With Auto Serial Recording feature you can set the system so that your favourite TV programme automatically gets recorded, even in your absence. 


- Videocon does take extra money if you want to use the recording feature.

- You don't get the AV cable free with this HD Set Top Box.

- The software of Videocon D2H HD Set Top Box isn't all that good.


The Videocon D2H HD Set Top Box is an amazing product. It comes with awesome unique features that only it has to offer. The Full HD display of this HD Set Top Box is truly excellent and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound System works well too. This is an impressive overall product and has satisfied loads of its customers. Buy it and you'll be totally amazed by it just like many others.

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Videocon HD Set Top Box with Default Recording option
5.1 Dobly Digitial Surround Sound
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