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Vego Glacier I 72 Litres Ghr72 Desert Cooler

72 Litres
Motor Speed:
3 Speed Setting
Body Material:
ABS Plastic
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Vego Glacier I 72 Litres Ghr72 Desert Cooler
Vego Desert Cooler for Combating Hot Summers


- Ergonomically designed, it is manufactured using superior quality plastic that ensures longer shelf life. This plastic material promises to keep the cooler free from rust and corrosion.

- The energy-efficient Vego Air Cooler is equipped with strong castor wheel that ensures high portability and stability. Users can move this appliance to any room without much hassle.

- The high-end water air cooler is equipped with an elegant LCD panel that helps users keep a watch on speed and water levels.

- The specially designed coaxial fan blades and powerful motor deliver 3-way cooling, thus keeping the atmosphere pleasant and cold.

- This desert cooler has an air throw distance of 65 ft which is ideal for places that cannot accommodate air-conditioners for any reasons.

- With a capacity of 72 litres, it ensures quick cooling of a room of about 12-15 people; overall, it is ideal for hot Indian summers.

- Its three speed control options give users the flexibility to adjust the intensity of air throw speed for comfortable cooling.

- This Vego Air Cooler uses honeycomb cooling media for efficient cooling. When warm and dry air passes through the honeycomb medium, it mixes with water in the honeycomb and enables water to evaporate, thereby losing heat. It delivers well-moisturised and cool air.

- This honeycomb cooler consumes 160 watts of power for ensuring maximum energy efficiency at high performance. It saves upon electricity consumption and lowers monthly electricity bills.


- The cooler can function only in areas with humidity. Dry areas will require a more powerful appliance.


Compact in size, Vego Glacier I 72 Litres Ghr72 Desert Cooler is a perfect option to combat incredibly hot summers. Users can cool their environment in no time, no matter how hot the climate is. 


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Product Details

Beat the heat and stay sweat-free even during unbearable summers with Vego Glacier I 72 Litres Ghr72 Desert Cooler. With a capacity of 72 litres, it is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use. This desert cooler has specially designed 16 inch coaxial fan blades, a powerful motor, and 3-way speed controls for ensuring that cool breeze blows throughout the room. It has an air throw capacity of 20 metres offering utmost cooling; without making unnecessary noise. Its elegant and robust look is crafted using high-quality materials that ensure the highest levels of durability. It requires 160 watts of power and is energy-efficient. This appliance uses the honeycomb feature as a smart medium of cooling. 

Water Level Indicator
72 Litres
Cooling Area
65 Feet
Motor Speed
3 Speed Setting
Body Material
ABS Plastic
Glacier I GHR72
Additional Features
Honeycomb Cooling
Desert Air Cooler
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