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V-Guard Steamer Plus 25Ltr Geyser

Storage capacity:
25 Litres
2000 Watts
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V-Guard Steamer Plus 25Ltr Geyser
Get Instant Hot Water in Chilly Winters with This V-Guard Geyser


- Get a steady supply of hot water during the cold months of winter with this V-Guard geyser with a capacity of 25 liters. With this much capacity, your whole family can use hot water without worrying about heating the water multiple times in a day.

- This storage geyser from V-Guard is highly energy efficient. It has a BEE rating of 5 Star and has a power consumption of 2000 watts. It doesn't put too much load on your energy bills.

- The Incoloy 840 heating element not only ensures that the water heating process is quickened; it also protects the geyser from rust and corrosion.

- The Penta Protection System of this geyser ensures your safety from hazards like fire, in five ways. The thermal cutoff, fusible plug, thermostat, pressure release valve and non-return vent are part of this protection system to ensure complete safety.

- The preset thermal cut out also helps in saving the energy bill by automatically cutting off the power supply when the water gets hot.

- The polyurethane foam insulation of this geyser resists the high pressure that builds up during the heating process.

- The geyser is made of high quality ABS plastic and has a layer of powdered steel which protects it from rust and corrosion.


- As this is a storage geyser, the hot water which sits idly in the tank of the geyser will start losing the temperature, which will require you to reheat the whole water again.

- With 7 Kg of weigh, this geyser might look a little bulky in smaller bathrooms.


This V-Guard geyser has a stylish design and high performing features. The 25 liters capacity ensures that even big families have access to hot water in the winters. The geyser is protected from rust and corrosion from inside out. The Penta Protection System protects the users from any hazards in 5 effective ways. If you are looking for a high performing geyser for fighting cold winters, you may want to consider the V-Guard Steamer Plus 25Ltr Geyser.

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Product Details

Get hot water within a few minutes with the V-Guard Steamer Plus Geyser. This V-Guard geyser has a capacity of 25 liters which means that you and your family have access to hot water in cold winters, all the time. It comes with a thermal cutout for the safety of your family. This energy efficient storage geyser from V-Guard consumes 2000 watts of power and has an energy rating of 5 Star. The body of this vertical geyser is made of high quality ABS Plastic. The other features include Incoloy 840 Heating Element, Penta Protection System and PUF Insulation.

Additional Features
PUF Insulation To Minimize Heat Loss And Reduce Power Consumption
Storage capacity
25 Litres
2000 Watts
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