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Usha CL 601PM Air Cooler

55 Litres
Body Material:
Plastic Body
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Usha CL 601PM Air Cooler
Usha Honeywell Air Cooler: Bring it on Summers!!


-Cools up to 80sq/meter of area with a powerful air throw of 2610 M cube/hour of the cooler to ensure even cooling of large-sized rooms as well.

-It portrays effective power usage with an energy consumption of 200 Watts; this AC features several add- on features for saving further money.

-Here, a massive water storage of 55 litres with a water level indicator allows the cooler to work 15 hours per day on an average.

-No lights, no worries!! The cooler is able to work with an inverter of 700 - 900 Watt power.

-The evaporation pads and RPM (Rotation per Minute) of its fan are synchronized to serve cool air in any zone; and in minimal time.

-Made up of a light plastic body, this product is durable and long lasting.

-This AC does not make much noise, thereby contributing to an overall peaceful environment.

-It is maintainable for a long time due to its metallic fan blades and plastic body that make it rust free.

-The air cooling appliance has a portable cooler which is suitable for indoors as well as for outdoor usage.

-Here, oscillating louvers are present   for distributing air evenly to all corners of the room.

-It features a continuous water supply connection for cool air at body level.

- The product features a brand warranty of 1 year.


-Recommended only for dry summers; and not during high humidity conditions.


Unlike other desert coolers, this product can be purchased at an impressive price to be used in any part of the house; both inside and outside. Its cooling performance makes it an excellent product for those who cannot afford an Air Conditioner; this it does by providing similar cooling effects in no time. All in all, it is a trust worthy product with low maintenance costs. 

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Product Details

To fight the hot summer season, Usha range of coolers brings forth a strong and cool savior, the Usha Honeywell Air Cooler model 601 PM, which not only protects users against the tantrums of summers but also makes life cool and comfortable. Usha Honeywell water air cooler has 3 sides of cooling media for ensuring more cooling from all directions. With a powerful and easy maintenance water motor within, it is energy-efficient and affordable. The water cooler is manufactured using a plastic body. It furnishes a sleek effect and has castor wheels. These features make it a handy product of 18 kgs that can be moved to any corner of the house or workplace with little fuss.

Honeywell CL 601PM
Room Cooler
55 Litres
Water Level Indicator
Body Material
Plastic Body
Additional Features
Works on inverter, Castor Wheels
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