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Transcend MicroSD XC 64 GB Class 10 Memory Card

Memory size:
64 GB
Card Class:
Class 10
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Transcend MicroSD XC 64 GB Class 10 Memory Card
Gives Good Value for Money


-The memory card can withstand temperatures of 85 degree Centigrade and a minimum of -25 degree Centigrade, thereby making it functional in extreme conditions.

-Immune to X-rays, the Class 10 memory card can be used during air travel and at airports, safely.

-The memory card offers extreme bending, shock and vibration resistance, making it very durable in structure and design alike. 

-The MicroSD memory card is designed for more than ten thousand insertion/removal cycles.  It also supports sleep, auto standby, and power off modes. 

-With the help of a standard adaptor, the memory card can be used with laptops and digital cameras alike.

- The memory card contains pre- installed proprietary software which allows for easy restoration of all damaged pictures.


-There have been reported instances when the memory card has proved to be incompatible with certain operating system versions.

-When kept idle for extended periods of time, the data on the card may get corrupted.


The 64 GB memory card offers high-performance user experiences, safe data transfers, and complete reliability in case of sensitive files. Truly versatile, the memory card can take as much physical punishment as possible. Overall, it's a memory card that is a true winner at its price.

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Product Details

Designed to enhance tablet and smartphone user experiences, this Transcend MicroSD 64 GB memory card features the Class 10 configuration. It allows reading speeds of at least 10 MB/s of data.  Using cutting edge technology, the Transcend memory card is noted for its seamless switching of apps and Full HD video recording and playback.  The memory card has a built in error correcting software that detects and corrects any data error that might occur while transferring files.  RecoverRx, exclusive photo recovery software, helps in restoring damaged pictures on this Class 10 memory card.  

Memory size
64 GB
Card Class
Class 10
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