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Transcend MicroSD 32 GB Class 4 Memory Card

Memory size:
32 GB
Card Class:
Class 4
4 MB/s Write Speed
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Transcend MicroSD 32 GB Class 4 Memory Card
32GB Memory Card for Advanced Storage Needs!

-The high-performing Transcend memory card allows for 10,000 cycles of careful insertions and removals for storing and sharing all kinds of work documents, media files, and so forth.

-The class 4 memory card offers a fast writing speed of 4 MB/s that paves the way for lag-free operations and helps users go about their task, without waiting for a long time.

-With adequate data storage capacity of 32 GB, this MicroSD card is capable of storing up to 10400 photos, 8000 MP3 songs, and 12 videos without any fuss.

-It is compatible with most modern smart phones that support a MicroSD card. Overall, it adds to their data storage space and allows users to work upon, store, and share their files without any fear of them getting lost or corrupted.

-It offers free software download facilities for x-Pict Story and Memory Card File Rescue for memory card and AVCHD files, thereby adding volumes to its utility.

-The reliable 32 GB, class 4 MicroSDHC has a mechanical write protection switch for enhanced security purposes; it complies with SD 2.0 specifications to the hilt.

-It flaunts an in-built Error Correcting Code (ECC) for detecting and correcting transfer errors. 

- Light weight, stylish, and compact, the Transcend MicroSD memory card is quite durable and capable of surviving bends, UV light exposure, X-ray exposure, torque, etc.

-Its fast and reliable 4 MB/s write speed helps in capturing high-resolution images on digital cameras and mobile phones alike.


-As it is small and compact in size, it needs to be handled carefully.


The microSDHC Class 4 micro SD card can be used with modern smart phones models such as Galaxy Note, Nokia E16, and Galaxy S2. Useful for eBook readers, hand-held game consoles, smart phones, tablets, and PCs, it serves as a versatile device for expanding device memory capacity and storing eBooks, app data, movies, music, etc.


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Product Details
Memory size
32 GB
Card Class
Class 4
4 MB/s Write Speed
11x15x1 mm
Additional Features
Other Features
Plug-and-Play operation, Auto-standby Support, Power-off and sleep mode available
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