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Toshiba MicroSD HC 8 GB 30 MB/s Class 10 UHS-I Memory Card

Memory size:
8 GB
Card Class:
Class 10
30 MB/s Read Speed, 10 MB/s Write Speed
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Toshiba MicroSD HC 8 GB 30 MB/s Class 10 UHS-I Memory Card
The Toshiba MicroSD, Adding Possibilities to Your Abilities


 -Capable of read speeds of up to 15 MB/s and being class 10 rated, the memory card can handle large sized files, for example, HD video files.

-Equipped to withstand the most extreme conditions,  the MicroSDHC card operates in most outdoor locations.

- The memory card is impervious to X-rays and can be used in high security environments.

-As it is packaged with a SDTM adaptor, this Class 10 memory card can be used with laptops and digital cameras too.

-Available at all major equipment stores and on most online platforms, the memory card is an affordable alternative for people wanting reliable data transfer solutions.

-With the Toshiba MicroSDHC card, optimum performance is ensured at all times. This because the card allows the transfer of large amounts of data between devices that are compatible with the MicroSD card.

-It is credited with a maximum write speed of 5 MB/s that makes it easy for users to transfer files from their laptops and othe compatibale devices, without waiting for too long.

-It carries the  Toshiba brand name that assures customers of the best products and services, at all times.

-The memory card is available with a standard five year manufacturer warranty and can be serviced at any authorized company service centers.


-Some cards are known to overheat under specific operational conditions.

-Loss of data has been reported from cards that have been kept without use for long periods of time.


 If your requirement is the faultless handling of large amounts of data, then look no further than the Toshiba 8 GB memory card.  Guaranteed to give the best performance under the most trying conditions, this MicroSD card is what every photographer and web designer craves for.  

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Product Details

With the ability to read at speeds of 15 MB/s and a storage capacity of 8 GB of data, the Toshiba MicroSD card is suitable for use on laptops, digital cameras and smartphones.  Accredited with Class 10 abilities, this 8 GB memory card can support High Definition format video files too.  The memory card is plug and play, making the use of additional software unnecessary.  Capable of withstanding the extreme of temperatures, this Toshiba memory card can be used in the most trying of conditions and without restrictions on any of the Android operating  systems.  

Model ID
Memory size
8 GB
Card Class
Class 10
30 MB/s Read Speed, 10 MB/s Write Speed
SD Adapter (Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Laptop, Computers), Ideal for Mobile Phones, Tablets and Other microSD Compatible Devices, NAND Flash Memory, Plug and Play
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