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Toshiba MicroSD HC 32 GB Class 4 Memory Card

Memory size:
32 GB
Card Class:
Class 4
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Toshiba MicroSD HC 32 GB Class 4 Memory Card
A 32GB Memory Card for Storing All Your Favorite Media Files and Important Documents


- This Toshiba memory card gives you a huge amount of space to store everything you want. Capture a lot beautiful pictures from your digital camera without being tensed about replacing the memory. Create a playlist of thousands of your favourite songs for on the go listening. Download your favorite movies and watch them on your smartphone as you travel. Store your important document for easy access whenever and wherever you want.

- You can record high resolution videos from this Class 4 memory card.

- Toshiba Memory Card is durable enough to operate efficiently in extreme temperature conditions.

- Class 4 Memory Card is compatible with various devices like smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras.

- When used with Toshiba SD adapter, this memory card has a built in feature for write protection. This prevents the accidental overwriting of the data.

- You get a 5 years limited warranty with this memory card.


- If you intend to record full HD video then you have to select a higher class memory card like Class 10.

- For using it with laptops and desktops which only includes SD slot, you have to use the SD adapter.


Toshiba MicroSDHC 32GB Memory Card is compatible with every device which has a microSDHC slot. You can use it with smartphones, tablets and digital cameras. To use it with laptops and desktops, you have to use SD adapter. You can record high resolution videos with this memory card. The 32 GB space allows you to store a huge amount of data. If you are looking for a memory card with this much of space, Toshiba MicroSDHC 32 GB Class 4 memory card may be the right option for you.

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Product Details

Toshiba MicroSDHC 32GB Class 4 memory card allows you to capture and store your best moments of life. This class 4 memory card allows you to record high resolution videos sustaining the quality. It features the minimum data transfer rate of 4 Mbps. All your favorite movies, songs, videos and images can be stored in this 32GB memory card to keep a backup of all the data. All Toshiba memory cards are CPRM enabled. The microSDHC card from Toshiba can withstand a temperature ranging from -25 degree Celsius to 85 degree Celsius. 

Memory size
32 GB
Card Class
Class 4
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