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Toshiba MicroSD 8 GB Class 10 Memory Card

Memory size:
8 GB
Card Class:
Class 10
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Toshiba MicroSD 8 GB Class 10 Memory Card
Excellent Choice to Increase Storage Space


- Weighing all of 0.4 grams, this 0.44 x 0.56 x 0.05 inches Toshiba memory card is compact, small and ideal for mobiles, tablets, cameras, e-readers and all electronic devices with SD card memory slot.

- This storage accessory offers up to 8GB space for storing all kinds of digital files including high resolution movies, videos, images, songs, presentations, and other important documents. Very useful for work and personal purposes alike, this Toshiba memory card has an industry-design for preventing any physical damages.

- Labelled as Class 10, this 8 GB memory card offers 30mbps read speed and 10mbps write speed for hassle free and faster data transfers so that users don't have to wait long for their files to get copied from one device to the other.

- With industry-proven quality checks in place, it has a robust design that withstands the toughest climatic conditions.

- This waterproof and X-Ray proof device can be used in high-security areas like airports; and in wet conditions too; thereby increasing its functionality to the extreme.

- Compatible with SDXC interface, this 8 GB memory card supports plug-n-play installation facilities which allow users to install the same without the requirement for any software.

- With long-life data retention capabilities to boast of, this class 10 memory card is backed by a 5 year manufacture warranty.


- Substantially slower than other high-end cards.

- Lacks write-protect mechanism which may cause corruption of data.


The Toshiba MicroSD 8 GB Class 10 is sleek and reliable with high speed transfers, storage capacities, and performance measures. Compact, durable, and compatible with all brands of smartphones and tablets, it offers users the many benefits of hassle free data storage and transfers, without breaking the bank.

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Product Details

The Toshiba MicroSD 8 GB Class 10 is a budget friendly memory card designed for users who require additional storage in their smartphones and tablets. Labeled as a Class 10 memory card, it offers blazing fast read speed of 30mbps and write speed of 10mbps for hassle free data transfers. Equipped with plug and play installation features, it can be used easily in mobiles, smartphones, cameras, and all devices that have a SD card slot. Sturdy and compact, it has a robust design which is waterproof and X-Ray proof. This device is backed by a 5 year manufacture warranty.

Model ID
Memory size
8 GB
Card Class
Class 10
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