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Syska Power Elite 52BI 5200 mAh Power Bank

LED Indicator:
5200 mAh
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Syska Power Elite 52BI 5200 mAh Power Bank
A High Capacity Power Bank


-Having a storage capacity of 5200 mAh and a maximum discharge of 1000 mAh at any time, this USB power bank allows all users some serious battery backup capabilities.

- Weighing just 160 grams, the power bank is truly portable, thereby making it a favorite among frequent travelers.

-Its internal element is supplied by Samsung, and ensures peak performance at all times.

-The device has a USB port provided that makes this 5200 mAh power bank flexible in its applications. It can be paired with practically all kinds of modern day smartphones.  The same port is also used for charging the gadget.

-With a six hour full recharge time, the power bank has a quick turnaround time.

-The torch light function on the power bank ensures more utility to the device. 

-With the help of LED indicators mounted on the sides, it is easy to tell the amount of charge left in the bank. A truly convenient feature, it informs users when the next recharge is due, thus ensuring continuity in all operations.


-The battery bank has at times been noticed to overheat during recharging.

-The USB connector dock on the power bank tends to get easily damaged with use.


For raw battery power, this Syska Power Bank, with its 5200 mAh capacity, is hard to beat.  It is packaged with features like battery level indicators and a USB docking port. This power bank is convenient to use and store too.  The six hours taken for a full recharge is among the least in its class.  Certainly a good buy for users who travel a lot.

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Product Details
LED Indicator
5200 mAh
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