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Syska BTK - C5 Over-the-ear Bluetooth Headset Black

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Syska BTK - C5 Over-the-ear Bluetooth Headset Black
The Small Performer, the Syska BTK-C5


-Working on the Bluetooth technology, this wireless headset gives off truly memorable performances, and at all times. Compatible with version 3.0 of the Bluetooth protocol, this unit can be synchronized with most modern smartphones. 

-A microphone that is built into  the base of the ear piece body, picks up the smallest of voices with ease.  Its best-in-class noise reduction features ensure crystal clear rendition  of speech over the microphone.

-Supporting USB ports, this earpiece can also be recharged via the same; thereby enabling dual use of this over-the-ear headset. 

-With the provision of  a power button and a volume control on the sides of the ear piece, the unit enables the control of optimum listening volume on this wireless Bluetooth headset. 

-Having an inbuilt battery that can power the headset for up to five and half hours of talk time and a standby time of close to 250 hours, this is indeed a very enduring piece of equipment. 

- On this smartphone, the battery can be charged with the help of a USB cord that is provided with the wireless headset.

-This smartphone is capable of answering calls and listening to music on the phone, simultaneously.  An answer button on the headset would change the source of the speakers from the mobile phone format to the music player.

- A standard six month manufacturer warranty applies to the product and the accessories that accompany the gadget from their date of purchase. 


 -The lack of an external charger would require the headset to be recharged using the USB plug at all times; thus limiting the operating area of this headphone.


Small in size and packing in a fair bit of performance, the headset with mic is sheer convenience to use.  Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the gadget is comfortable to wear, and at the  same time, can be controlled with easily accessible buttons. 

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Product Details

The Syska BTK-C5 Over-the-ear Bluetooth Headset Black is a wireless headphone that pairs with all compatible audio device through its Bluetooth technology.  With an inbuilt rechargeable battery that lasts a full five and half hours of talk time, it offers up to 250 hours of standby on a single charge of the headset with mic.  The slightest of conversations is picked up by the microphone that is built into the base of its ear piece.  The power and volume controls of this headset are located conveniently on the ear piece, and can be accessed with just a brush of the fingers.  A neutral black color permits the matching of the over-the-ear headset with most attires and equipment.


Warranty Period
6 Months
Model ID
BTK - C5
Type of Headset
Over The Ear
Power & Volume Controls
Bluetooth Feature
Bluetooth Version
Additional Features
Other Features
Noise free sound
Power Battery
Talk Time
Upto 5.5 Hrs
Stand-by Time
Upto 250 Hrs
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