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Symphony Jumbo 51-Litres Air Cooler

51 Litres
Motor Speed:
1400 RPM
Body Material:
ABS Plastic
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Symphony Jumbo 51-Litres Air Cooler
Enjoy a happier and cooler summer with the new Symphony Jumbo Air Cooler!


-The water tank of this Symphony air cooler has a storage capacity of 51 litres. You can feel free from the liability of filling water in this air cooler for 6 days.

-This air cooler from Symphony brand is available in the market with a service warranty of 1 year. This warranty will commence with the purchase date of this cooler.

-This air cooler has a compact design so it won't occupy much space in your home. You can even install this air cooler at your office due its portable and compact size.

-The 18-inch fan of this cooler from Symphony brand helps in producing fresh and cooled air in powerful mode.

-This Symphony cooler has a durable body that has been manufactured from durable fibres. You won't have to worry if it gets crashed at anytime.


-This air cooler from Symphony brand consumes power up to 185 watts. It may enhance your electricity bill especially during summer season.

-Though this cooler has a durable fibre body yet it is vulnerable to fire.


The new Symphony Jumbo air cooler will make your summer easy, comfortable and cool. It has a water tank with a storage capacity of 51 litres. It has a portable and durable size. It can be easily installed at your home or office. It is a Jumbo type air cooler. The special dust filter system of this air cooler from Symphony brand helps you to keep it free from the entry of dust particles. You can assume this cooling device to be a mini desert cooler.

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Good cooling device
As the name signifies it is really a jumbo cooler. Very elegant design and air throw is very nice, it cools every corner of your room with its swing function. Not so heavy as well and consumes less power. It has 3 speed settings also. Water storage capacity is just phenomenal i.e. 51 litres. This cooler will give you a chilling experience.
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good cooler nice cooling but but water tank becomes empty in 5_6 houts
Product Details
Symphony Jumbo Air Cooler will make this forthcoming summer very pleasant for you. The water tank storage capacity of this Symphony cooler is up to 51 liters. It has a 3-speed bowler controlling system. It has a warranty of 1 year. This is an air cooler kind of Jumbo cooler. This air cooler works on Dura-pump technology. It has an 18-inch air fan that operates in a powerful mode to generate fresh and cool air. You will find using this air cooler especially during nights of summer months.
Ice Chamber
Water Level Indicator
51 Litres
Cooling Area
750 Sq Feet
Motor Speed
1400 RPM
Body Material
ABS Plastic
Additional Features
Auto louver Movement, Mosquito Net, Dust Filter, 3-Speed Function, Wood Wool Pads , 4000 m3 Air Delivery
Desert Air Cooler
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