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Symphony ACOWI051 Window 70 XL Air Cooler

70 Litres
Motor Speed:
3 Speed
Body Material:
ABS Plastic
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Symphony ACOWI051 Window 70 XL Air Cooler
The Symphony ACOwI051 Windows 70 XL Air Cooler Has a Big Fan and Plenty of Cool Air


- The Symphony window cooler can handle 70 litres of water at a time.

- You can connect the window cooler to a water supply so you can quickly add water to it. It even uses an auto water refill system that will turn on the water tap into the tank when water supplies are low.

- This child-safe model can be easily installed on a window surface without bearing with the risk of it falling off.

- The window air cooler uses an auto louver movement feature that moves the fan into all directions.

- The window cooler can throw air at about 60 feet on average.

- The cooler is good enough for a variety of rooms including ones that are up to 6500 cubic feet or 184 cubic meters in size.


- You must link this cooler to a water connection for it to work properly.

- There are no particular alarms used for when the cooler runs out of the water.


This Symphony window cooler should be perfect for when you're looking for a way to cool any room in your home. This lightweight model will last for years to come and will be very easy to program and set up. This can especially work wonders as it will run for hours at a time. The large water tank on this cooler especially makes this possible. It will also keep dust and mosquitoes from getting inside of the cooler. 

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I love its cooling performance!
Nice equipment for summers. Cooling is superb without any interruption in relaxation. 
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Product Details

The Symphony Window Cooler is the ideal choice to escape the scorching summer heat. This cooler has a sturdy body that is built with composite plastic which can sustain in extreme weather conditions without getting damaged. It is shock-proof and rust-proof that ensures its durability. The window air cooler is light in weight and uses a big fan to deliver air. The plastic cooler also features a series of filters to block out dust and mosquitoes from entering the unit.

70 Litres
Cooling Area
Large pad area
Motor Speed
3 Speed
Body Material
ABS Plastic
Additional Features
Also Works On Inverter, Cool Flow Dispenser
Window Cooler
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