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Su-Kam SID 135AH Inverter Battery

Sine wave
650 VA
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Su-Kam SID 135AH Inverter Battery
Breathe Life into your Appliances with the Powerful Sukam Inverter Battery


- Ideal for use in places with frequent power cut issues, the Sukam Battery keep your inverter powered and ready for use at all times.

- For delivering superior performance, this home inverter battery is integrated with active materials such as oxides, special additives, and expanders.

- The Heat Shield Tamper-proof lid protects the battery against leakage and corrosion.

- To prevent a short circuit in the Sukam Battery, the electrodes have polyethylene separators in between.

- The large electrolyte volume in the Sukam Battery saves you the trouble of frequently topping it with distilled water.

- Measuring 515 x 215 (HxW) mm, this lead acid home inverter battery is encased in a sleek polypropylene container. Resistant to abrasions and sudden impacts, this Sukam battery is well protected in this sturdy container.

- A vent plug provided in the battery helps to trap and remove escaping acid vapour and gasses. This, not only helps prevent water evaporation from the battery, it also prevents environmental pollution.

- To indicate the water level in the battery, this Sukam Battery features ceramic water levellers.


- At nearly 42 kg, this home inverter is extremely heavy.


Offering value for your money, the Sukam home inverter battery is low on maintenance and offers a higher shelf life. Check for compatibility with your devices before buying.

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Product Details
The Sukam Inverter Battery will keep your inverter working incessantly to provide continuous power backup to your electric devices. Useful for areas with rampant power cut issues, this 135 AH capacity multi-cell flat plate home inverter battery is designed to consume less power, requires minimal maintenance and is also long lasting. The lead acid Sukam Battery allows for efficient recharging. Aside from home inverters, the versatile and economical Sukam Battery is also a perfect match for your UPS system.
Sine wave
650 VA
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