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Strontium MicroSD 64 GB 85 MB/s Class 10 Nitro Memory Card

Memory size:
64 GB
Card Class:
Class 10
85 MB/s Read Speed
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Strontium MicroSD 64 GB 85 MB/s Class 10 Nitro Memory Card
Strontium MicroSD 64 GB: Memory Storage at Its Best


-The speed of this SD card is impeccable and incomparable to other SD cards on the market. Users can transfer files at the high rate of 58MB/Second

-Package includes USB card reader and SD adapter. The USB card reader enables users to view stored files via USB. The SD adapter allows users to save and store files from their Smartphone, camera and camcorder and view them on a PC or tablet

-The SD card can be used with Smartphones to store games, apps and books from Google Play to be used on the phone. This SD card can store files, including videos, pictures, games and music on a Smartphone without using a tremendous amount of space on the phone

-Users can enjoy full HD movies without experiencing a decrease in download and upload rates or a decrease in performance


-This SD card may not be compatible with all electronic devices due to a lack of an SD slot in a lot of gadgets.

-Without the SD adapter, users will not be able to transfer files from one electric device to the other


The Strontium MicroSD 64 GB card allows its users to experience file storage at an elite level. Users never have to worry about corrupt or missing files. Many different storage files can be created and hundreds of files can be stored in each folder. It is a valuable storage device available for a reasonable price.
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Product Details
Many people use the Strontium MicroSD 64 GB card for many different purposes. These cards make it easier to store photos, videos and music. This SD card is of the highest quality available and offers many different benefits to its users. The Strontium MicroSD 64 GB card allows its users to watch movies on smartphones, store HD videos and share thousands of files on a PC. SD cards are the perfect way to store memories and replay them time and time again. You can share your files and memories with relatives and friends as well. Transferring files from one device to the other is totally hassle-free.
Model ID
Memory size
64 GB
Card Class
Class 10
85 MB/s Read Speed
Smartphones, Tablets, GPS and Digital Camcorders
15x11x1 mm
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