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Strontium MicroSD 32 GB 70 MB/s Class 10 Nitro Memory Card

Memory size:
32 GB
Card Class:
Class 10
70 MB/s Read Speed
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Strontium MicroSD 32 GB 70 MB/s Class 10 Nitro Memory Card
Enjoy Incredible Performance with This 70mbps 32 GB Memory Card From Strontium


- This 32 GB memory card has a read speed of 70 mbps, which means a lag free performance while reading your files.

- It has a lot of storage space for you to hold all your important documents and media files.

- This class 10 memory card is an excellent choice for those devices that have capability to record full HD videos.

- This MicroSD Memory Card has a high range of temperature tolerance. This means that you can access your memory card even in extreme weather conditions without worrying about the damage to your files.

- This Strontium Memory Card is also equipped with a built in write protection switch that saves your data from inadvertent loss.

- This SDHC card is compliant with all the latest standards set for the SD card specifications.

- It is waterproof, temperature proof, and dust proof that makes it robust to use in extreme weather conditions.


- Owing to its small size, it may be difficult to keep it safe from getting lost, which might lead to data loss.

- It doesn't come with a protection feature to allow you to protect your important documents with a password, which makes the data vulnerable to theft, if someone gets hold on your microSD card.


This 32 GB memory card gives you a large storage space for all your documents, files, images, videos and movies. With 70 mbps of read speed, the device allows you to transfer and read files with an incredible speed. The class 10 memory card allows you to record full HD videos without any hassles. The MicroSD Memory Card is also waterproof, dust proof and X-ray proof. The price to performance ratio of this storage device is very high. If you are looking for a memory card with high performance, then this may be the right option for you.
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Product Details

Strontium MicroSD 32 GB is a class 10 memory card, which provides you an outstanding experience in storing, managing, and protecting your data. It is an essential accessory for your smartphone, tablet, or digital camera to expand the storage spaceand store your favorite files and relevant documents. This Strontium memory card gives you a read speed of 70 mbps, which means enhanced performance while transferring your data. The 32GB memory card allows you to save high-reoslution videos and high-quality images.

Model ID
Memory size
32 GB
Card Class
Class 10
70 MB/s Read Speed
15x11x1 mm
Additional Features
Other Features
Built-in Write-protect Switch to Prevent Accidental Data Loss
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