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Strontium 16 GB OTG Nitro USB 2.0 Pendrive

16 GB
USB 2.0
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Strontium 16 GB OTG Nitro USB 2.0 Pendrive
16 GB Shock-Resistant Pendrive from Strontium


- You can connect this 16 GB Pendrive to your phone or tablet and transfer data. It does not require any driver installation as it is a plug and play device.

- This flash drive will let you save documents, photos as well as videos without any hassle. 

- This OTG Pendrive is small in size and is also lightweight, making it a highly portable one.

- You can store up to 60 hours of video if they are recorded at 384 Kbps. However, when it comes to high-definition videos, keep in mind that they take up a bit rate of about 8000 Kbps along with stereophonic audio at the rate of 284 Kbps. You can store about 4 hours of high-quality video on this Strontium Pendrive.

- This Pendrive will read data at 15 Mb/s and will write data at 5 Mb/s. You can transfer movies and discographies in no time at all.

- This Pendrive comes a warranty period of 5 long years.


- This Strontium Pendrive gets a bit hot when in use, while copying or sending files from the PC/Laptop.


Strontium 16 GB Pendrive is a well known brand and has been trusted for a very long time for making some of the best OTG Pen drives. This 16GB flash drive of it's also one of those very handy Pendrive. It's not costly either so you can easily go for this option if you are looking for a similar product
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Product Details

This 16 GB Pendrive from Strontium is a perfect choice for those who are looking for an OTG device. This would come handy for anyone who has to carry essential files and other data along with him or her, wherever he or she may go. This OTG Pendrive features a compact design and comes with a capacity of 16GB, it will help you store a large amount of important data. It has a shock-resistant, robust design and comes with a cap.  It has a USB 2.0 connector for ease of file transfer. This Strontium Pendrive is compatible with all USB ports that are of version 2.0 or lower.

Warranty Period
5 Years Warranty
Model ID
OTG Nitro
16 GB
USB 2.0
Transfer Speed
Rate of Read is from 15 MB/s and Rate of Write is from 5 MB/s
OS Supported
Win 8/Win 7/Vista/XP, Linux v.2.6.xt, Mac 10.X or above
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