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Sony USM16GR/WZ IN 31300488 16 GB Utility Pendrive

Utility Pendrive
16 GB
USB 2.0
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Sony USM16GR/WZ IN 31300488 16 GB Utility Pendrive
Instant Storage for all Multimedia Needs


- Elegantly designed, this Sony pendrive has a compact and stylish design with a retractable USB connector.

- The utility pendrive has a tiny space for attaching a key ring, which makes the pendrive easy to carry around.

- Weighing 9 grams, the 19.8 x 8.5 x 55 mm (w*h*d) pendrive is lightweight, compact, and a good option for travelling purposes.

- With high write and read speed, it allows blazing fast data transfers so that users don't have to wait long hours for files to be copied from or to the pendrive.

- Its robust design makes the Sony pendrive waterproof and shockproof for withstanding the toughest of conditions

- It features a Hi-Speed USB2.0 interface and incorporates type A USB port for transferring data.

- With 16GB capacity, users can store digital copies of all documents such as birth certificates, bank details, legal papers, insurance papers; as well as large, high-resolution photos, music files; and much more.

- The 16GB Pendrive can be stored in extreme temperatures, from -20 to 60 degrees Centigrade.

- Users can operate media from this pendrive in extreme weather conditions as it can sustain 0 - 35 degrees Centigrade temperature easily.

- Compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP3 or later), Mac OS X 10.1 - 10.7 operating systems, it can be used with all kinds of laptops, computers, and tablets. 


- No automated backups are regulated by this pendrive. 


The Sony USM16GR/WZ IN 31300488 16 GB Utility Pendrive is an excellent storage device with industry proven quality, reliability, and high speed transfers. With a sturdy plastic body, diverse operating system compatibility, and 16GB storage in place, it is perfect for users desirous of storing their multimedia and digital data conveniently.

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Awesome and stylish
It's a good and life time product...It gives good reading and writing speed. It's very compact and reliable device that keeps your data safe. The product looks good with matte finish, but the quality of plastic is OK OK. At the end it's a great product.
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Product Details
In The Box
Sales Package
1 Pen Drive
Model ID
USM16GR/WZ IN 31300488
Utility Pendrive
16 GB
USB 2.0
Additional Features
Other Features
New Simple and Stylish Model with Retractable USB Connector, Plug n Play
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