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Sony SWR30 Smartwatch Black

Screen Size:
1.4 inch
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Sony SWR30 Smartwatch Black
The New Frontier In Technology, the Sony Smartwatch


-Capable of synchronizing with  any smart phone by using Bluetooth, and the popular Lifelog app, this user-friendly watch can be assessed and monitored with ease on the mobile phone.

-The entire activity log of users can be stored on the Android smartwatch,  to be downloaded on to the computer or smartphone; thereby giving greater control of the activities undertaken with it in place.

-Using in built sound settings, it is possible to assign sounds to all functions; thus, enabling users to know each app with a particular sound.

-Calls can be initiated with voice commands, thereby making the experience truly hands free. 

-Its revolutionary E Ink display has a resolution of 296 x 128 pixels and a PPI of 192, setting forth impressive display quality on a space so small.

-Connectivity is achieved via Bluetooth 3.0 and the Micro USB port. 

-Interchangeable straps that can be changed according to attire and mood, sets new standards in style and fashion on this smartwatch.

-Waterproof up to a depth of 1.5 m, this watch can take a fair bit of cold treatment. 

-With a 70 mAh battery to boast of, the gadget can be powered for up to 3 days on a single recharge. 

-The smartwatch  can also notify discretely by vibrating silently.

-Scratch resistant and shatter proof, this watch is built as sturdily as possible.



-With only black and white display available, this unit minimizes the choice that its customers have at their disposal.



With computing moving to phones and now watches, the future lies here at your wrists.  Feature packed and within reach, the Sony smartwatch is a harbinger of things to come.  This then could well be the future of computing. 

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Product Details

The Sony SWR30 Smartwatch Black brings convenient functions and features right on to the user’s wrist.  Its 3.55 cm E ink black and white display ensures clear and neat display of information at all times, even while it may be wet.  This Sony smartwatch is compatible with Android 4.4 and the other latest versions of the OS.  Its gesture, voice and touch inputs help in communicating the advanced mode of time keeping; which is far removed from all other kinds of traditional watches; of this device.  Access to Lifelog app and SmartBand Talk app allows for lag-free communication  and customization of the watch.  Interchangeable watch straps ensure matching with mood and attire; thereby making this watch very wearable, and with a serious technology-driven style.  

Strap Material
Silicone Strap
Dial Shape
Strap Color
Screen Size
1.4 inch
Android 4.4 KitKat
Warranty Period
1 Year Sony India Warranty
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