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Sony SRS-D9 2.1 Channel Multimedia Audio Speaker

Warranty Period:
1 Year
Satellite Speakers:
Power Output (RMS):
60 W
Power: 3.6 ohms
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Sony SRS-D9 2.1 Channel Multimedia Audio Speaker
Complete Value for Money Option with the Brand Assurance of Sony!


- These Sony speakers can be connected to your TV, PC or music player with a USB cord and you can enjoy enhanced sound anytime and anywhere.

- The large sub woofer output of 60 W gives you an effect of powerful bass.

- You can feel every beat of the music with the large wooden sub woofer system without experiencing any distortion of sound.

- The polished finish and metal grills make the entire system attractive to look at and stylish, and the quality of Sony is visible in these multimedia speakers.

- These 2.1 speakers have small satellite units and one sub woofer that makes it convenient to connect with any USB device and enjoy amplified sound.

- These Sony speakers have a 15-degree upward angle that ensures optimum acoustics and pleasurable music.


- The product is available only in black color.

- The product is priced high in its category although excellent with respect to its features.


The Sony SRS D9 2.1 multimedia speakers are a class apart in its category when it comes to delivering excellent performance in sound. The 15-degree tilt in the entire design for better acoustics is proof enough of the rigor that Sony has put in developing all their products, and that is why they stand the test of time. A complete value for money option for you from the house of Sony, these Sony speakers will not disappoint you.

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Product Details

The Sony speakers are a full range speaker system with a power output of 15 W each from its speaker units. The power output of the sub woofer stands at 30 W. These 2.1 speakers have the dimensions of 109 X 212 X 140 mm of its satellite speakers and 240 X 310 X 318 mm of its subwoofer unit. The weight of the product is approximately 5.4 kgs. The accessories provided with the speaker system are an AC adaptor, AC power cord, an audio cable and another audio cable with stereo mini plug. 

Warranty Period
1 Year
Satellite Speakers
Power Output (RMS)
60 W
Audio Input Output
5 kohms (at 1 kHz) (input 1), 10 kohms (at 1 kHz) (input 2)
Power: 3.6 ohms
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