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Sony (SR-16UXA) MicroSD 16 GB Class 10 Memory Card

Memory size:
16 GB
Card Class:
Class 10
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Sony (SR-16UXA) MicroSD 16 GB Class 10 Memory Card
An SD card for that "EXTRA" Storage Capacity


- Labelled as Class 10 Ultra, this 16 GB Memory Card can capture Full HD files without dropouts and stuttering.

- The Sony Memory Card incorporates a sleek and compact look and is compatible with most branded smart phones, tablets, cameras, PCs, and devices with a micro SD card slot.

- Weighing 18 grams, this 13 x 11 x 0.8 cm Class 10 Memory Card can operate in any setting and takes care of all music files, HD videos, and fast-motion pictures.

- With enhanced write speeds of 30 mbps and read speeds of 95 mbps, it supports bulk data transfers at a blazing fast speed. This MicroSD Memory Card is faster in both sequential and random speeds.

- Its downloadable File Rescue software aids the recovery of photos and videos that have been accidentally deleted or damaged.

- Along with a robust industry-design, this MicroSD card is equipped with dust proof, water proof, UV resistant, static resistant, and temperature proof features. Here, all data is impervious to shocks, water spills and X-ray exposures.

- Users can access the mobile media in extreme weather conditions as this card can sustain temperatures ranging from -25 to 85 degrees Celsius.

- This 16 GB Memory Card has a non-volatile memory that does not require periodical refreshing. 

- With a storage capacity of 16 GB, this Sony card can store movies, songs, HD videos, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. conveniently. 


- May heat up after long time usage. 


The Sony MicroSD 16 GB Class 10 (SR-16UXA) provides reliable random and sequential speeds for all kinds of data storage and transfers. Oft purchased for its File Rescue software and 16GB storage capacity, it makes for a good buy at its price.

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Product Details

The Sony MicroSD 16 GB Class 10 (SR-16UXA) is designed to boost the storage capacity of smart phones, tablets, music players and cameras. With its enhanced write speeds of 30mbps and read speeds of 95mbps, users can capture fast-motion photos and videos effortlessly. Flaunting a robust design, this device is dust proof, water proof, UV resistant, static resistant, and temperature proof. Integrated with a File Rescue software, it allows digital files to be recovered in case of accidental damage. The MicroSD card supports UHS1 and is backed by a 5 years manufacture warranty.

Model ID
Memory size
16 GB
Card Class
Class 10
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