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Sony SHAKE-66D Mini Hi-Fi System

Warranty Period:
1 Year Warranty
Power Output (RMS):
3,000 Watts
2 Front Speaker
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Sony SHAKE-66D Mini Hi-Fi System
Add more power to your party with your new party companion!


- This Sony Hi-Fi system is packed with the power of 33,000 W PMPO, and a sound power of 3000 W. The SHAKE system comes with a Party Chain mode that enables you to connect to many such systems together as you want.

- The Sound Pressure Horn Technology used in this mini Hi-Fi system gives you a deeper bass with increased acoustic pressure.

- The loudest sound pressure that this Sony Hi-Fi system can produce is 6bd which is almost double the sound pressure produced by conventional speakers.

- Its DJ effects like Flanger, isolated, Phaser and Sound Flash allows you to become the DJ at your party with great chutzpah.

- This home audio system comes with 10 multi coloured LED effects that produce light effects in sync with your music so you can create your very own discotheque at home.

- You can connect your tablet or smartphone and play music from the audio tracks stored on your devices.

- The home audio system can also be connected with your home theatre system to get the real like sounds of your favorite show, movie or game


- The product is heavy as compared to other options available in the market.

- The product is priced high in its category although comparable on its features.


The Sony SHAKE 66 D mini hi-fi system is a product which is a class apart in its category. Equipped to play the loudest of the music with deeper bass and extreme clarity, this is perfect for your home parties. The unique LED lights add to the entire effect of playing music on it and makes it even more appealing. If you are looking at a good home audio system, then look no further and trust the quality of Sony.

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Product Details

The Sony Hi-Fi system is your ultimate party companion. Its unique feature is its party chain mode through which you can connect as many SHAKE systems as you want without any sound lag. The PMPO of this home audio system is 33000 PMPO with a RMS of 3000 W. It comes with 2 audio input ports with the option of Bluetooth stereo wireless function. The size of the main unit is 505 X 160 X 350 mm with the front speaker dimensions of 490 X 660 X 363 mm. The weight of the entire unit is 7.6 kgs. 

Warranty Period
1 Year Warranty
Additional Features
Other Feature Set
10 Multi-color LED effects,Playback in various source (CD/DVD/ Dual USB),DJ Effects and Football Mode
Power Output (RMS)
3,000 Watts
Audio Input Output
2 Audio In
2 Front Speaker
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