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Sony SD HC 16 GB Class 10 Memory Card Memory Card

Memory size:
16 GB
Card Class:
Class 10
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Sony SD HC 16 GB Class 10 Memory Card Memory Card
Faster performance, Higher compatibility.. Affordable price!


- This Sony Memory Card is ideal for burst shooting and HD video modes of the cameras like DSLR cameras and HD camcorders. More space on your camera means more photographs and videos, so you do not have to delete the old files before capturing the new ones.

- It has 94MB/s transfer rate that is extremely competent for a 16 GB memory card, so you can transfer files as fast as you can imagine.

- The SDHC memory card supports Full HD video recording that enables you to capture and view videos in full HD for a better viewing experience.

- This Class 10 Memory Card is Water Proof, Shock Proof, and X-ray Proof that makes it ideal to use in the most extreme situations.

- In the case of accidental damage or deletion of the data, the Memory Card File Rescue feature comes to play, and you can retrieve all your lost data.

- It comes with a warranty of 5 years.


- Higher price as compared to other 16 GB memory cards but not from reputable brands.

- This card cannot be used on the smartphone and is strictly for digital camera and laptops.

- The 16 GB memory space is not enough to save high-resolution videos and images.


This 16 GB memory card is worth every penny you spend on it as it comes with excellent performance and super fast transfer speed. Expanding the storage of your device is just the primary function that this card provides, but along with this you also get free downloads like x-Pict Story and Memory Card File Rescue that gives you more than just basic storage with this card. A brand like Sony assures the product quality, and a warranty of 5 years settles all other doubts, if any.

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Product Details
Sony SDHC 16 GB Class 10 memory card comes from the reputed house of Sony. It incorporates a usable storage capacity of 14.4 GB, and it has the SD interface of UHS1 (SDR 50). It works on the power requirement of 2.7V-3.6V and the operating current of 800mA. This 16GB memory card comes in a small eco-package. It provides a blazing read speed up to 94 MB/S and write speed of 45 MB/S that allows you to transfer large files without any hassles. It features a data recovery software called the File Rescue that protects your valuable data from unintentional deleting.
Model ID
Memory size
16 GB
Card Class
Class 10
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