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Sony SD HC 16 GB 40 MB/s Class 10 Memory Card

Memory size:
16 GB
Card Class:
Class 10
40 MB/s Read Speed, 40 MB/s Write Speed
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Sony SD HC 16 GB 40 MB/s Class 10 Memory Card
A Modern Day Memory Card for all Kinds of Users!


-With a total memory capacity of 16 GB, and with access speeds reaching 40 MB/s, continuous Full HD video files can be stored and retrieved with ease on this card.

-The Class 10 memory card is compatible with most cameras, smartphones, tablets and other modern day electronics devices. 

-Pre-installed data management software allows the convenient management of stored data. At times, it makes it possible for users to retrieve their lost or damaged files without any fuss. 

-The proprietary Sony X-Pict Story  software, which is pre-installed on this device, helps arrange all stored pictures into a digital album.

-With the application of the latest of Sony's media management feature, the memory card is reliable and user-friendly in its operations.

-Able to operate under very extreme of temperatures conditions, this storage device can be used practically anywhere, even at extreme heights.

-Being x-ray proof and also shock resistant, the SDHC memory card can be adapted to work under applications where exposure to x-rays is very common; like airports and defence establishments.

-An all inclusive five year warranty applies to the product from its date of purchase. 



-Improper matching of contacts on the memory card and the device can lead to corruption of data, and at times, even the complete loss of data.



With a tough and hardy construction that ensures appropriate working in the most extreme of situations, this 16 GB memory card is definitely versatile and adaptable  in every conceivable way. Well presented in a neat plastic external enclosure, the card is pleasant to look at ,and at the same time, very functional.  A must have for all applications needing large data storage capacity.  

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Product Details

The Sony SDHC 16GB 40MB/s Class10 Memory Card has a total storage capacity of 16 GB of data.  With data transfer speeds reaching 40 MB/s, the card can transfer Full HD videos in quick time.  It has a totally enclosed, dust proof construction that ensures safe and trouble free operations.  Capable of operating over a wide range of ambient temperatures, the 16 GB memory card gives years of smooth and uninterrupted services.  Here, effective pre-installed data management software ensures secure and safe keep of data for years together.  A standard five year manufacturer warranty applies to the memory card; this can be availed at the nearest service center.  

Model ID
Memory size
16 GB
Card Class
Class 10
40 MB/s Read Speed, 40 MB/s Write Speed
Additional Features
Other Features
Supports Faster Application Downloads for all Range of Smart Phones, Free File Rescue Software and X-Pict Software
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