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Sony MDR-EX150LP Stylish Earphone Black

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Sony MDR-EX150LP Stylish Earphone Black
The Hard Working Head Set, the Sony MDR
4/ 5


-With its Neodymium drivers packing in a good punch within the least amount of space, the headset is truly capable of offering strong and powerful full sound reproductions. 

-Here, optimum performance is possible with the 16 ohm impedance speakers being in the mid range of sound frequencies. 

-A wide range of frequencies is handled by the headset with frequency responses falling between 8 HZ at the lower end and 22 KHz at the top end. 

-The provision of the most common of pin connectors, which are placed at the end of the connector cord -the 3.5 mm pin, does make the unit compatible with most commonly available audio systems. 

-Gold plating on the connector pin makes it hardy and enduring. 

-Delectable sound is rendered at all times by these headphones, with the sound sensitivities of 100 dB/W achieved without any fuss.

-With 9 mm driver magnets, this unit accentuates the lows with the highs, thereby ensuring delectable reproductions of sound at all times. 

-Set out in an all Black coloring, these in ear headphones matches well with most attires and decors. 

-Its noise reduction feature ensures a sound reproductions that are free of ambient sound; thus bring forth true and real sound renditions.

-Standard one year manufacturer warranty applies to the product and the accessories that accompany the unit. 


-The lack of a built in cable take in spool is so telling on a product of this performance range. 


As with any Sony product, the Sony headphones do match performance with convenience. With tangle free cords and gold plated connector pins to boast of, this set brings in features that are normally the preserve of top end models. Its noise cancellation feature helps in the rendition of true live sound. 

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Product Details

The Sony MDR-EX150LP Stylish Earphone Black, with its wired and in the ear construction, makes for good user experiences.  With a sensitivity of 100 dB/mW,  these headphones are at the top end of the range.  These Sony headphones present a wired feature that can be used for its 1.2 m cord length, in the form of a convenient tangle free cord.  Its 9 mm driver magnets permit the rendering of the deepest bass with the highest levels of convenience. Capable of delivering100 watt peak power output, the headset gives truly powerful performances. Here, a gold plated pin offers a hardened and hard wearing durable connector for easy listening purposes. 

Warranty Period
1 Year Warranty
Performance Features
16 ohm
Model ID
Headphone Type
In the ear
Headset Design
Compatible Devices
Headphone Jack
Cord Type
Microphone Features
Microphone Sensitivity
Microphone Frequency Response
Microphone Driver Units
9 mm
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