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Sony HT-M5 Home Theatre

Warranty Period:
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Speaker Power Output:
1580 Watts
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Sony HT-M5 Home Theatre
Amazing Cinema-like Audio Quality


- With convenient HDMI and USB connectors, this home theatre system is incredibly easy to set up and connect to your other devices.

- Comes with incredibly convenient wireless speakers, a M-Turbo bass booster and Wi-fi capabilities.

- A sound output of 1580 W means that the regardless of the room size, these speakers will fill it up.

- Can connect easily to laptops and other multimedia devices using the aforementioned HDMI and USB connectors.

- Also compatible with PC, TV, CD or DVD.

- Ideal for HD gaming as it replicates the audio mix in ideal fashion.

- Easy to use interface and operating panel.


- The bass can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

- There is no option to connect a Mic.


With its amazing price and ideal features, the Sony HT-M5 Home Theatre is an excellent option for mid-sized living rooms and such. These speakers will give you cinema-like audio quality which greatly enhances the audio mix of a film, TV show or games. With added features like Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Pro Logic II systems, an M-Turbo bass booster and a dynamic, wireless look, this home theatre system is just right for you. This 5.1 speaker configuration is ideal for your living room or even a small hall.

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Product Details

Bring home the cinema experience with the amazing Sony HT-M5 Home Theatre and treat yourself to amazing audio in your living room. This multimedia speaker system will fill any room size with immersive and impressive sound quality. It comes equipped with Wi-fi capabilities, an M-Turbo bass booster and wireless speakers for a convenient, clear and seamless experience. Enhance your TV and movie watching experience with a sound output of 1580 W. With Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, and Dolby Pro Logic II systems at work, this home theatre system produces crystal clear sound. You can also mount the separate wireless speakers in various areas to enhance the audio quality and truly feel like you’re in a movie theatre. Fitted with USB connectors and HDMI connectors, the Sony HT-M5 Home Theatre system is incredibly easy to set up and operate.

Warranty Period
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Items in the box
Home Theater, User Manual, Warranty Card
Video Features
USB Playback Support
DVD Playback
CD Playback
Sound Related Features
Dolby Digital Type
Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital
Add on Features
FM Tuner Support
HDMI Connectivity
USB Connectivity
2 Usb
Speaker Features
Center Speakers
Surround Speakers
225 Watts
200 Watts
Speaker Power Output
1580 Watts
Speakers Configuration
5.2 channel
Front Speakers
225 Watts
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