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Sony HT-GT1 2.1 Channel Sound Bar System

Warranty Period:
1 Year Warranty
Satellite Speakers:
Power Output (RMS):
260 W
Frequency response:
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Sony HT-GT1 2.1 Channel Sound Bar System
The Sony HT-GT1 2.1 Sound Bar Fills Any Room With the Best Sounds Possible


- The Sony sound bar can connect to a Song Pal-enabled smartphone or tablet to get access to a user's media files, thus making playback easy.

- There are analogue, coaxial, and optical outputs to help link up to more devices.

- A USB port is included to take in USB-powered storage devices to play back all types of media files. The device can connect to the sound bar to quickly play back all kinds of files without any extra wires.

- An LED light is included on the subwoofer to create an ambient light effect that goes well with most sounds.

- The sound bar is 80 cm long and 10 cm wide, thus allowing it to quickly fit into the smallest spot on a media centre.

- The Bass Bazuca feature will reinforce bass lines so the bass on the device will be more intense and easier to hear when playing back music.


- The technical aspects of adjusting the sound features on the bar can be tough for some newcomers to use.

- The device that the sound bar is to link up to must be at a close distance for it to work properly with its Bluetooth connection. There must not be anything that could possibly physically hinder the wireless link between the sound bar and that device either.


The Sony HT-GT1 is a useful device for use on your television set, stereo system, or other gadget that can link up without wires and can easily be placed anywhere in your room. It's also easy to adjust it with different features to make it work for you for all kinds of playback purposes.

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Product Details

Sony has created a new sound bar in the HT-GT1 model. This is a 2.1 sound bar that features four 8cm full-range speakers plus two 4cm tweeters. These are designed to play back all sorts of sounds while providing clear dialogue through the tweeters. A subwoofer is also included with an 18cm cone that will provide the room with plenty of bass. This Sony Sound Bar also uses a Bluetooth connection to connect with various devices. This Bluetooth sound bar can link to various devices that play back sounds.  

Warranty Period
1 Year Warranty
Additional Features
Other Feature Set
Bluetooth, NFC,BASS BAZUKA and LED illumination
Satellite Speakers
Power Output (RMS)
260 W
Frequency response
Speaker Type
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