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Sony DAV-DZ340K/CE12 5.1 Home Theatre System

Warranty Period:
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Speaker Power Output:
1000 Watts
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Sony DAV-DZ340K/CE12 5.1 Home Theatre System
Sony DAV-DZ340K/CE12 5.1 Home Theatre System
Sony DAV-DZ340K/CE12. It is a 5.1 Home Theater featuring a 2-Way Speaker System which allows for a more dynamic sound reproduction. The monolithic design of the DAV-DZ340/CE12 blends in with the interiors yet manages to carry a conspicuously attractive appeal. This Sony DVD Home Theater packs 1000 W of RMS which is split into 2 x 167 W Front Speakers, 2 x 167 Surround Speakers, 1 x 167 W Center Speaker and a 165 W Subwoofer. Playback This Sony DVD Home Theater can play media from DVD, DVD-R/+R/+R DL/+RW/-RW CD, Video CD and CD. The supported formats include MPEG4, JPEG, WMA, MA9, AAC, Xvid and MP3. Video and Audio The Sony DAV-DZ340K/CE12 is built around a powerful S-Master Digital Amplifier which accounts for enhanced accuracy and balanced sound reproduction. This amplifier uses a pure digital-to-digital conversion, unlike conventional ones which rely on analog-digital transference. The Dynamic Bass Boost feature in the Home Theater ups the lower frequencies to deliver powerful bass without introducing additional noise or distortions. The DTS and Dolby Digital compatibility ensures true surround reproduction with clear stereo separation. This gives you a 360 degree soundstaging and accurate event placement for scene events like explosions and gunfire. The Dolby Pro Logic Processing in the DAV-DZ340K/CE12 further augments your listening experience by incorporating natural and realistic true surround. The Sony DAV-DZ340K/CE12 supports Video Upscale feature which allows you to play DVD videos in 720p or 1080i resolution. The Sony DAV-DZ340K/CE12 features Precision Cinema Progressive, an enhanced Progressive Scan protocol that delivers improved video quality with minimal distortions. The Multi Disc Resume function memorizes the stop position for up to 10 discs, so that you can resume your movies from where you interrupted the playback. Connectivity and Power This Sony 5.1 Home Theater supports BRAVIA sync functionality which allows you to connect multiple compatible devices to form an integrated platform. Once you have synced the devices, they can be controlled by a single remote command to create a seamless and easy-to-use interface. The Mic IN port allows you to connect a microphone to this Sony Home Theater and turn it into a Karaoke machine. The Echo effect feature adds a live show ambiance to your karaoke sessions. The Sony DAV-DZ340K/CE12 comes with a USB port and can read videos, music and images directly from a plugged in pendrive. This saves you the effort of having to transfer and burn files on to physical media like DVD and CDs. Other connectivity options in this Home Theater System include HDMI output and two Audio Line IN ports. This DVD Home Theater System consumes 160 W of power during operation and 0.3 W while in standby. Buying Tips The Sony DAV-DZ340K/CE12 5.1 Home Theater is designed to deliver true surround sound experience and is ideal for small to medium size rooms (less than 250 square feet). The major factors to consider when buying a Home Theater system include required volume levels, connectivity options and speaker placement. The DAV-DZ340K/CE12 would make an ideal Home Theater System for music buffs as it supports MP3 encoded on CD-R, DVD-R, DVD-RW and CD-RW discs. The HDMI output in the Sony DAV-DZ340K/CE12 relays the best possible picture quality, especially if you own a HD Ready TV. A digital-to-digital amplifier makes a huge difference to your sound quality as it minimizes the loss in audio quality during the conversion process. The S-Master Amplifier in the DAV-DZ340K/CE12 is a digital-to-digital amplifier which renders improved tonal accuracy and realism. As a general thumb rule, the more surface near a speaker, the greater the likelihood of unpleasant distortions and colorations in your sound. For the best listening experience, the speakers should be placed at least two feet from room boundaries. The Center Speaker should be placed above or below the TV at ear level. The Front Left and Right Speakers should be 5 to 11 feet apart, at an angle of 20 to 30 Degree with respect to the Television. The Surround Speaker should be placed above ear level, slightly behind the listener. Features of Sony DAV-DZ340K/CE12 5.1 Home Theatre System GENERAL Disc Tray Capacity: 1 In the Box: Speakers-5, Sub woofer-1, Remote Commander-1, Batteries-2, FM Antenna-1, Mounting Plates-4, Mounting Brackets-4, Screws-4, Speaker Cords-5, Video Cord-1, Foot Pads-1, Operating Instructions-1, Quick Setup Guide-1 SPEAKERS Speakers Configuration: 5.1 Center Speakers: 1 Full Range Front Speakers: Full Range Surround Speakers: 1 Full Range Subwoofer: 1 Passive Full Range SPEAKERS POWER OUTPUT (RMS) Total Power: 1000 W Front Speakers: 167 W Surround Speakers: 167 W Subwoofer: 165 W SOUND Dolby Digital Type: Dolby Digital Dolby Pro Logic Type: Dolby Pro Logic DTS Type: DTS FM Tuner Support: Yes Sound Features: Night Mode PLAYBACK MEDIA & COMPRESSION DVD Playback: DVD, DVD +R/+RW, DVD -R/-RW CD Playback: CD, CD-R/CD-RW USB Playback Support: Yes Other Playback Media: VCD Video Compression formats: MPEG4 Audio Compression formats: MP3 Image Compression formats: JPEG VIDEO Picture Enhancement: 720p, 1080i Progressive scan: Yes Video Upscaling: Yes Video System: PAL, NTSC OSD support: Yes CONNECTIVITY HDMI: 1 HDMI Out USB: 1 Audio Line IN/OUT (Analogue): 2 MIC Jack : 1 Other Connectivity Features: A/V Sync (Lip Sync), BRAVIA Sync ADDITIONAL FEATURES Karaoke Support: Yes FM Station Presets: Yes Other Additional Features: Movie Mode, DEMO Mode, Dimmer, Audio Return Channel, USB Music Record and Play Function, MP3 File Name / ID3Tag Ver. 1.1 / ID3Tag Ver. 2.0, Play Mode (Normal, Shuffle, Repeat, Resume), Multi Disc Resume (DVD,VCD), VCD Version 2.0, Precision Cinema Progressive, Tray Lock, Karaoke-PON (Only DVD Function) / Karaoke Multiplex (Only DVD Function) / Karaoke Key Control (Only DVD Function) DIMENSIONS Main Unit (W x H x D): 430 x 55 x 350 mm Front Speakers (W x H x D): 108 x 225 x 95 mm Center Speakers (W x H x D): 261 x 82 x 79 mm Surround Speaker (W x H x D): 108 x 164 x 88 mm Subwoofer (W x H x D): 230 x 400 x 305 mm Main Unit Weight: 3.5 kg Front Speaker Weight: 0.6 kg Surround Speaker Weight: 0.5 kg Subwoofer Weight: 6.4 kg
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Product Details
Warranty Period
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Items in the box
Home Theater, User Manual, Warranty Card
Video Features
USB Playback Support
DVD Playback
Video Compression formats
CD Playback
Sound Related Features
Dolby Digital Type
Dolby Digital
Add on Features
Other Features
A/V Sync (Lip Sync), BRAVIA Sync
FM Tuner Support
HDMI Connectivity
USB Connectivity
Speaker Features
Audio Compression formats
Center Speakers
Surround Speakers
167 Watts
165 Watts
Speaker Power Output
1000 Watts
Speakers Configuration
5.1 Channel
Front Speakers
167 Watts
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